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  1. Journey to the Secret City
  2. Englishmen to the Rescue
  3. Cossacks Fighting In Hollow Square Formation. 1904
  4. Illustration By Sir John Gilbert For King Henry VI, 1890
  5. Echidna and Darfur Fennec, Domestic Animals, from de Buffon
  6. Short-tailed weasel, also known as an ermine or stoat
  7. Hay Wagon, 1873
  8. Father William Balancing An Eel On His Nose
  9. Horse, Muscle Structure
  10. Enniskerry, Near Dublin, Ireland
  11. Enrollment Of Volunteers, 1792
  12. Muskrat, or musquash
  13. Hepplewhite Sofas II
  14. A Young Mother Teaching Her Two Young Daughters To Make Daisy Chains, 19th C.
  15. Feeding the Pigeons Of St. Mark's, Venice, c1883
  16. Eastern heather vole
  17. Various Types Of Early Cameras For The Amateur Photographer, Dated 19th Century
  18. Woodland vole, or Leconte's pine mouse
  19. The Third Gift An Enormous Hammer 1912
  20. Crowds In Hong Kong On their Way To A Horse Racing Event In 1858
  21. Woman Wearing Clothes Representing Three Orders-Clergy, Nobility And Worker
  22. The Penguin With The Conc And Other Shells, Sponges Etc.
  23. Escort of the Emperor Napoleon III on the Champs Elysees, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  24. Election Of King Wamba, King Of The Visigoths
  25. Romeo And Juliet, After A 19th Century Engraving
  26. The Opossum and the Philander of Suriname, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  27. Lobster Fishing, 1868
  28. Field Mice
  29. Knight and Sword
  30. Long-Woolled Sheep, 1841
  31. Killiney Hill, Near Dublin, Ireland
  32. Satyrus, Ourang Outang. Engraved By Barlow, 18Th Century
  33. Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland
  34. American Ornithology
  35. Baby Hippopotamus And Mother At the London Zoological Gardens
  36. Least weasel
  37. Eastern, or Florida, woodrat
  38. Native Australian
  39. Brown-headed Cowbird
  40. Sanderling
  41. Famous Monoliths At Heliopolis
  42. Stupendous Triumph Of the Hairdresser's Art, c1865
  43. A large turkey scares a black cat
  44. Vancouver pocket gopher
  45. Mountain Plover
  46. he San Pedro River In Arizona, 1864
  47. Swords of France, A Play in the 19th century, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  48. Scene On The Giant's Causeway, County Antrim, Ireland