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  1. Audubon: Grackle
  2. Grand Racer Kingston by Spendthrift chromolithograph
  3. Navy & Linen Leaves II
  4. Tranquil Tropical Leaves IV
  5. Blue Bird
  6. The Spirit Of The Masons, Engraved By Stephane Pannemaker
  7. Antique Coral in Navy III
  8. Birds of North America I (JJ Audubon)
  9. Maple Leaves IV
  10. Vintage Ship Blueprint
  11. Illustration From The Faerie Queene By Walter Crane 1845-1915 English Artist
  12. Audubon: Magpie
  13. Cassel Tropical Birds II
  14. Alice At The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
  15. Napoleon Bonaparte in his Study at the Tuileries, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  16. Foliage on Navy II
  17. Small Mouthed Black Bass
  18. Fresco Crown Imperial III
  19. Flower Garden Varietals I
  20. Mycological Study
  21. Channel Cat
  22. Linen Vegetable BW Sketch Beets
  23. Botanical Fantasy I
  24. Navy & Linen Leaves III
  25. The Great Ferris Wheel in The World Columbian Exposition, 1st July 1893
  26. Mucha Winter
  27. Pineapple Study I
  28. Lilium Belladonna and Bee, 1786
  29. Barbier Two Ladies Under the Crescent Moon
  30. Audubon: Flicker
  31. Northern Mockingbird
  32. Classic Romance I
  33. Audubon: Cormorant
  34. Nature Tile I
  35. Engraving For Inferno By Dante Alighieri, Canto IX, Line 46
  36. Redshank, historical artwork
  37. Long- legged Avocet
  38. Sage Thrasher and Varied Thrush
  39. Hey Diddle, Diddle, from Old Mother Goose's Rhymes and Tales
  40. Advice From A Caterpillar
  41. Passenger Pigeon
  42. Ancient Architecture III
  43. Bucking Broncho at the Rodeo
  44. Vintage French Birds V
  45. Small-Mouthed Black Bass
  46. Botanique Study in Lavender I
  47. Audubon: Warbler
  48. The Fir-Tree and the Bramble, illustration from Aesop's Fables