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  1. Sturdy And Young's Circular Velocipede, American, 1869
  2. Passengers Taking Lunch In A Dining Car On The Great Northern Railway, 19th C.
  3. Pied Working Duck
  4. American Snipe
  5. 1835 Maneless Indian Lion by Edward Lear
  6. Species Of Antique Fish II
  7. English Fungi 1700s - Volvariella Volvacea
  8. Schins Sandpiper
  9. Red Bird
  10. Renard Tropical Fish II
  11. American Bittern
  12. Hiram Maxim's Steam-Powered Plane, Hiram Maxim, An British Inventor, 19th C.
  13. Black Falcon
  14. Engraving Depicting Stonehenge And How It Might Have Been, Dated 19th Century
  15. Rock Grouse
  16. Majestic Waterbird II
  17. Title Page For 'As You Like It' By William Shakespeare, Illustrated By Sir John Gilbert
  18. The Bombardment Of Algiers By Lord Exmouth In 1816
  19. Dusky Petrel
  20. Illustration Depicting A Steam Train Which Has Broken Down Mid Journey, Dated 19th C.
  21. Willow Grouse
  22. Pool of Siloam
  23. Murat Prevents Retirement Friant's Division at Battle of Borodino
  24. Laying Back On the Trail, 10th Cavalry, 1888
  25. Carolina Teal Duck, By Henri de La Blanchere, 19th Century color engraving
  26. Levaillant Parrot I
  27. Cock Of The Plains
  28. Bears
  29. Unhygienic street conditions in Ludlow Street near Houston, New York City
  30. 1649 Rene Descartes portrait philosopher
  31. Bird's Eye View Of Boston, Massachusetts, 1902
  32. Londoners Enjoying Trip Along A River In Paris On A Steam Pleasure Boat, Dated 19th C.
  33. Illustration Depicting People Skating On A Frozen Lake, Dated 19th Century
  34. The Battle of Arsuf in 1191, from 'Bibliotheque des Croisades'
  35. The Anarchist, 1892
  36. Levaillant Parrot II
  37. A Cyclist In Busy London Traffic, Illustrated By Stephen Thomas Dadd, Dated 19th Century
  38. Cartoon showing technological advancements in farming
  39. Cove Harbour, County Cork, Ireland
  40. Roserk Abbey, County Mayo, Ireland
  41. Shell Fossil Collection 9
  42. Scroll Botanical Apricot
  43. Cliffs near Camaret
  44. Garden Follies III
  45. The Story of David
  46. Portrait Of Hipparchus, A Greek Astronomer, Geographer, And Mathematician, Dated 18th C.
  47. Woman Riding A Bicycle, 'Punch' Illustration 1869
  48. Eider Duck