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Hanging Art is Easier Than You Think

Add your artwork to your wall easily and tie your whole room together. Read on to discover how to hang our products to complete your inspired space in a snap.

A wall display of a variety of canvas prints and framed art in a living room.

It can be intimidating to pick artwork for your home. You may start asking yourself: Is it the right size? Does it fit my décor? How will I hang it on my wall? At Great Big Canvas, we put the power of art in your hands. Literally. Easily find curated art for any style, interest, or space. Once your made to order artwork arrives, add it to your wall with the included hardware and tie your whole room together.

Read on to discover how to hang our products to complete your inspired space in a snap.

Canvas Prints

Our patented solid-faced canvas prints are warp and sag resistant, and feature a black finished back and sawtooth hangers for a ready-to-hang solution.

Collect your tools

All solid-faced canvas prints from Great Big Canvas come with sawtooth hangers, which help ensure a smooth and easy installation. These sawtooth hangers are designed for use with either a nail or a small picture-hanging hook.

Measure and mark

Once you’re ready to hang your art, have someone help you by holding the canvas in its designated spot on the wall. Use a measuring tape and pencil to make a mark on the wall directly above the center of the canvas.

Then, measure the distance between the top of the canvas, and the bottom of the sawtooth hanger. Once you have that measurement, tap your nail into the wall exactly that distance below the pencil mark you made earlier.

If you’re using a picture-hanging hook, make sure the bottom of your hook lines up with the sawtooth hanger.

Hang and make adjustments

Place the sawtooth hanger gently on the nail or picture-hanging hook. Then, step back and look at your artwork. Does it look straight? If not, use a level and gently shift it until it’s completely straight. Your canvas should be nearly flush with the wall and should hang securely from the sawtooth hanger.

Check out the video below for easy install instructions for our solid-faced canvas:

Framed Canvas, Stretched Canvas Prints, Framed Prints

An assortment of framed art products leaning against a wall.

Our Floating and Traditional Framed Canvases, large Stretched Canvas Prints and Framed Prints each include a pre-installed bracket hanging system. This kit includes nails, wall anchors, and a level.

Prepare to Hang

Insert white hanging markers into the attached brackets on the back of the canvas. Rotate to 90 degrees to lock. Peel the tape from the provided mini level and attach to the top center of the canvas. Attach black rubber bumper to the back of the frame at the bottom in the middle. Determine the desired location and make sure your frame is level.

Once satisfied with the location of your art, press firmly against the wall where the hanging markers meet the wall to make two dimple marks.

Tip: for larger prints, create one dimple at a time checking level before creating a second dimple.

Hang your Art

Rotate the hanging markers to remove them from the brackets, then place the markers into the dimples. Nail the markers into the wall. Take your art and push brackets onto the markers, then pull down to lock in place.

Check out the video below for easy install instructions for our bracket hanging system:

Wall Peels

A woman preparing to hang an abstract art wall peel.

Our wall peels are heavy grade vinyl with a matte finish, engineered with an unique adhesive, allowing the decal to be removed and reapplied multiple times. They are perfect for dorm rooms, kid rooms, doors, and more.

If you have recently painted we strongly recommend that you wait at least two weeks for normal paint, or at minimum two months for low or no VOC paint just to be safe. Fresh paint needs time to cure and applying a wall peel before the paint is cured will result in the wall peel failing to adhere to the wall over time.

Prep Your Surface

First, make sure the surface you are applying your Wall Peel to is clean and free of any dust or debris.

We do not recommend Wall Peels for textured or rough surfaces such as wallpaper or textiles. For smooth walls, paint finishes of flat or matte are ideal, Eggshell and Satin are also acceptable. Semi-gloss, Gloss, and stain resistant paints are not ideal for Wall Peels.

Peel and Stick

Once you have surface prepped, slowly peel off the backing and apply it to the smooth wall or other surface, just like a giant sticker. We suggest having someone assist or using a long, flat edge (like a yardstick or squeegee) to smooth it gently against the wall.

If you find your peel is crooked or has air bubbles, you can gently peel back from the corners and reapply to the wall as needed.

We believe art wields the power to inspire, energize, and transform people and places. Our team of curators and craftspeople are passionate about providing art that meets your unique vision and style.

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