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  1. The Story of the Submarine: Nautilus Heralds the Nuclear Age
  2. Vintage Florilegium II
  3. Vintage Astronomy I
  4. Horse
  5. Brer Rabbit
  6. Illustration By Sir John Gilbert For King Henry V By William Shakespeare
  7. Daniel VI, 16 And 17, Daniel In The Den Of Lions
  8. Study of the Human Figure, Anterior View
  9. Sarah Bernhard, 1844
  10. Illustration Of A Lake Submarine, Used During World War One
  11. Antique Coral Study I
  12. Hoary marmot, or whistler
  13. A Lady Practicing Archery In 1904. From The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine
  14. Skeleton Of A Fully Grown Human, After A 19th Century Print
  15. Giant mobile crane
  16. Digitalis and Geranium
  17. Grindstone. Illustration for the Charles Dickens novel A Tale of Two Cities
  18. Audubon: Merlin
  19. Small Antique Fern V
  20. The Battle Of Issus
  21. Mucha Flirt
  22. Shell Fossil Collection 1
  23. Shell Fossil Collection 8
  24. View Of Malaga Cathedral From The Port
  25. Illustration From Grimm's Fairy Tale, The Gnome
  26. Crusader
  27. Cassel Tropical Birds IV
  28. Cinderella leaving for the Ball
  29. Coleridge: Ancient Mariner
  30. Eagle, 19th Century
  31. Design By Aubrey Beardsley, Cover Of The Yellow Book Volume 1
  32. Extinct dodo
  33. Antler Specimen B
  34. Cinnamon bear, a subspecies of the American black bear
  35. Curtis Palms II
  36. Bobcat, or bay lynx
  37. Scotland, Pass Of Glencoe, c1875
  38. The Hare and the Frogs, La Fontaine's Fables, 1900
  39. Insects, Bees
  40. Joan of Arc hears heavenly voices in the Forest
  41. Red Crested Pochard, By Henri de La Blanchere, 19th Century color engraving
  42. Queen Victoria (1819-1901) from Illustrations of English and Scottish History
  43. Joachim Murat joins the regiment of Chasseurs des Ardennes, in 1787
  44. Shell Fossil Collection 9
  45. Italian Botanical II
  46. Calla Aethiopica with Butterfly and Caterpillar
  47. The Mad Hatter Reciting His Nonsense Poem, Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat
  48. Sir Isaac Newton, British physicist