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  1. Fanciful Ferns VI
  2. Job VI, 1 To 4, Job And His Friends
  3. Skeleton Of A Fully Grown Human, After A 19th Century Print
  4. Men of the Jolly Roger
  5. The Story of Samson
  6. Classic Romance IV
  7. Calla Aethiopica with Butterfly and Caterpillar
  8. Children's Warbler
  9. Pantheon charivarique', Victor Hugo leaning on the monuments of Paris
  10. The Crane King Eating the Frogs
  11. Garden Bounty I
  12. The Donkey
  13. Brer Rabbit
  14. Carolina Wren
  15. Death's Door, illustration from 'The Grave, A Poem'
  16. Shore Gathering VI
  17. Remains Of Kilcolman Castle, County Cork, Ireland
  18. Vintage Beauty 3
  19. Taureau D'Angeln
  20. Costume design for Nijinsky (1889-1950) for his role as the Blue God, 1911
  21. Descubes Botanical Grass II
  22. Balloon Expo IV
  23. Tropical Toucans VIII
  24. Antique Whale and Dolphin Study III
  25. American Woodcock
  26. Morris Tengmalm's Owl
  27. Temple Construction in Egypt
  28. Otters and Walrus
  29. The Castle Of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland
  30. Ladies Saddles
  31. Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
  32. Seaweed Specimen in Green IV
  33. An old man watches the crows
  34. 'London', plate 38 from 'Songs of Experience', 1794
  35. Hortus Eystettensis, 1613
  36. Vintage French Birds I
  37. White Stork
  38. Tricolored Blackbird, Yellow-headed Blackbird, and Bullock's Oriole
  39. The Versailles to Paris Railway
  40. Moses in the Wilderness
  41. Watt's Views IV
  42. The Story of the Submarine: Nautilus Heralds the Nuclear Age
  43. Granada And The Alhambra, Spain
  44. Descubes Botanical Grass IV
  45. Italian Botanical II
  46. First Season Strawberry
  47. Green Hopper
  48. Umbrella Squid