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  1. Masonic Seal Engraving From The Book The History Of Freemasonry Volume III
  2. Gads Hill Place, Higham, Kent, England. Country Home Of Charles Dickens.
  3. Birds of our Lakes and Rivers: Coot and Moorhen
  4. Audubon: Sparrows
  5. Frilled lizard
  6. Title Page Of The First Edition Of The Great Bible, 1539
  7. Medicinal Herbs And Plants
  8. Go, Happy Bird, Said He. Illustration, From Legends Of The Alhambra
  9. Hutchinss Barnacle Goose
  10. Cock Pheasant, The Farnley Book of Birds, c.1816
  11. Initials on a Tree, a Clue to the Lost Colony of Roanoke
  12. Antique Greenery IV
  13. Death comes to the Soldier
  14. Adam's Fall, 1876
  15. Cinnamon bear, a subspecies of the American black bear
  16. Striped Pig Curiosity
  17. The Botanic Garden II
  18. Illustration By Arthur Rackham From Grimm's Fairy Tale The Goose Girl At The Well
  19. Two young Black-throated Blue Warblers
  20. Grandiose Leaves IV
  21. Fowl: Lateral view with Most Feathers Removed
  22. Circus Lions, c1901
  23. Adirondack Frost Fish
  24. A Turnstone, From A 19th Century Print Circa 1877
  25. A pixelated rooster
  26. Sequoia Gigantea, Of California
  27. Antique Iris I
  28. The Story of the Submarine: Nautilus Heralds the Nuclear Age
  29. Giant Figure of Christ
  30. The Butterfly Vivarium
  31. Cinderella, Cover Of Children's Book
  32. Battle of Waterloo, June 18, 1815, 3rd Grenadier of Guard commanded by Cambronne
  33. Commodore Perry Owens
  34. Two empire line evening dresses, from Les Robes de Paul Poiret 1908
  35. The Blue Egyptian Water Lily
  36. American Dipper, or Water Ouze
  37. Botanique Study in Pink II
  38. Illustration From Grimm's Fairy Tale, Little Brother And Little Sister
  39. Entomology
  40. Fairy Butterflies I
  41. On The Dark Road. Illustration From The Charles Dickens Novel Dombey And Son
  42. The Washington National Monument, Washington, DC, USA
  43. Yellow-Rumped, Hermit, and Black-throated Warblers
  44. The Man Of Sorrows
  45. French Poster, Nicholas II and President Loubet celebrate the Franco-Russian Alliance
  46. Title Page Illustration From The Novel Dombey And Son
  47. Murat Prevents Retirement Friant's Division at Battle of Borodino
  48. A male Columbian white-tailed deer, formerly known as the long-tailed deer