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  1. The Arsenal At Genoa, Northern Italy In The Late 19th Century
  2. Red Bird
  3. Are you working for your horses?
  4. Sprinkler Pin Up Girl
  5. California, Santa Barbara
  6. Thrushes and Nest
  7. Illustration Depicting Girls During A Physical Education Class, Dated 19th Century
  8. Audubon: Woodpeckers
  9. Audubon: Vireo
  10. Fork-Tailed Gull
  11. Illustration By Sir John Gilbert For King Henry IV, Part Two By William Shakespeare
  12. Fern Leaf Folio I
  13. Northern, or snowshoe, hare, old and young, in summer fur
  14. Meyer Hawk Owl
  15. St. Francois de Salles Giving the Rule of the Visitation to St. Jeanne de Chantal
  16. St. Christopher carrying the Infant Christ, 1511
  17. Lovers with staircase behind
  18. Planche D'assignats, Interest Bearing Bonds
  19. Flower Garden Varietals V
  20. Pool of Siloam
  21. Great Cinereous Shrike
  22. King Louis IX (1217-70) before Damietta, from 'Bibliotheque des Croisades'
  23. Illustration By Arthur Rackham From Grimm's Fairy Tale, The Iron Stove
  24. Otters and Walrus
  25. Bombardment And Capture Of Forts Walker And Beauregard, Port Royal, SC, 1861
  26. Vintage French Birds V
  27. Cabaret In Montparnasse, Paris, France In The 1920's
  28. Crackled B&W Besler Peony II
  29. Oil drilling rig
  30. Study of the Human Figure, Posterior View
  31. Christopher Columbus Sailing Westward
  32. Murat Prevents Retirement Friant's Division at Battle of Borodino
  33. Virginian Rail
  34. The Rising Of the North American Indians, 'Braves' Leaving the Reservation, 1891
  35. Edinburgh University in c.1880, from Scottish Pictures
  36. City Of Baltimore
  37. Lisbon, Convent Of St. Geronymo, Belem
  38. Wood Thrush
  39. Great diving beetle, artwork
  40. Crusaders surrounded by Saladin's army, from 'Bibliotheque des Croisades'
  41. Fairy Illustration, 1912
  42. Benares, India
  43. First Season Strawberry
  44. Rome Saved By The Sacred Geese Of Juno
  45. Domestic Cat and Angora Cat, Domestic Animals, from de Buffon
  46. 'Nurse's Song,' plate 18 from 'Songs of Innocence,' 1789
  47. The Great Mosque, Cordoba, Spain
  48. Mount Desert, Coast Of Maine