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  1. Elegant Chrysanthemums V
  2. Titlepage Of The First Edition Of 'Les Miserables' By Victor Hugo (1802-85)
  3. American Bittern
  4. Illustration Of The Duel Between Alexander Hamilton And Aaron Burr
  5. Lilium Belladonna and Bee, 1786
  6. Audubon: Kingfisher
  7. Blue Grosbeak
  8. Pittsburgh, 1790
  9. Linen Vegetable BW Sketch Beets
  10. Engraved View Of The Sistine Chapel
  11. Meyer Shorebirds IV
  12. Moses And The Brazen Serpent
  13. Paquin Dress
  14. Audubon: Red-Tailed Hawk
  15. Ancient Architecture II
  16. Pressed Blooms III
  17. Male and female Common Yellowthroats
  18. Koi Fish I
  19. Barbier Two Ladies Under the Crescent Moon
  20. The Plant and its Ornamental Applications, Plate 30 - Daffodil
  21. Butterflies
  22. Dramatic Royal Botanical III
  23. Gems of the Sea I
  24. Garden Flora I
  25. White-crowned Pigeon
  26. Jacob Wrestling With The Angel
  27. One, Two, Buckle my Shoe, from Old Mother Goose's Rhymes and Tales
  28. View of Bordeaux
  29. Audubon: Kestrel
  30. Fern Collection I
  31. Gardener's Guide V
  32. Taureau D'Angeln
  33. Modern Comanche, 1891
  34. Botanical on Black Chart XII
  35. Audubon: Cormorant
  36. Audubon: Blackbird
  37. American red fox
  38. Sugar Loaf Peak, El Dorado County, c1865
  39. Two Hundred Knights attack Twenty Thousand Saracens
  40. Architectural Blueprint III
  41. Linen Vegetable BW Sketch Onion
  42. The Miracles of Jesus
  43. Attorney And Client, Fortitude And Impatience. Illustration From The Book Bleak House
  44. The Army that Fought at Sea
  45. Reproduction Of A Freemason-Rosicrucian Compass 1779
  46. Gould Bird of Paradise I
  47. Lemaire Parrots I
  48. Polo Saddle