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  1. Title Page For 'All's Well That Ends Well', Illustrated By Sir John Gilbert
  2. Tom Tom The Piper's Son
  3. An Experiment Showing How Expansion Is Caused By Heat
  4. Engraving Depicting A Balloon House In Amsterdam, Dated 19th Century
  5. Mushroom Varieties IV
  6. Mushroom Varieties VIII
  7. Thomas Cranmer's (1489-1556) last testimony
  8. Knox Preaching Before The Lords Of The Congregation
  9. Butterflies
  10. Brant Goose
  11. Illustration Depicting A Young Couple Playing Croquet, Dated 19th Century
  12. A Young Artist Presenting Her Work To Her Lover As The Relax In The Woods, 19th C.
  13. English Fungi 1700s - A Curious Mixture
  14. Hudsonian Godwit
  15. Curtis Mushrooms II
  16. An Elephant Being Used To Draw A Plough On An Indian Sugar Plantation, Dated 19th C.
  17. The Camel, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  18. Kirghiz Falconer, 1881
  19. A Young Girl Heating Gamalost, Which Translates As 'Old Cheese', Dated 19th Century
  20. Engraving Depicting The Mechanism Of An Air Pump, Dated 19th Century
  21. Mushroom Varieties III
  22. Engraving Depicting The Telescope Of An Observatory In Paris, Dated 19th Century
  23. Illustration Depicting Young Ladies Relaxing On An August Afternoon, Dated 19th Century
  24. Illustration Depicting A Winning Racehorse Called 'Ugly Buck', Dated 19th Century
  25. American Ornithology, Woodpeckers, 1808-1814
  26. India, Darjeeling, 1850
  27. Japanese Jugglers Using The Centre Of Gravity To Keep The Acrobat From Falling, 19th C.
  28. Illustration Depicting The Chelsea Ice Skating Rink, Dated 19th Century
  29. Illustration Depicting Schoolboys Playing Cricket At Harrow School, Dated 19th Century
  30. Barbet Dagobert was Trained to Pay Suppliers and Return with Receipts
  31. Charles Green's Balloon, Charles Green, A British Balloonist, Dated 19th C.
  32. Greenshank
  33. Illustration Depicting Henry Meiggs' Elevated Monorail System, Dated 19th Century
  34. Illustration Depicting Siemen's Electric Tram At The Paris Electricity Exhibition, 1881
  35. Engraving Depicting A Milkmaid In Normandy, Dated 19th Century
  36. Sheldonian Theatre By David Loggan
  37. Portrait of Thomas Howard (1473-1554) 3rd Duke of Norfolk
  38. Engraving Depicting A Gyroscope, Dated 19th Century
  39. A French Soldier Writing Home To His Family During The Siege Of Paris, 20th C.
  40. The Crossley Telescope At Lick Observatory, California, Dated 20th C.
  41. Illustration By Sir John Gilbert For King Henry IV, Part Two By William Shakespeare
  42. Engraving Depicting Various Types Of Early Cameras, Dated 20th Century
  43. Illustration Depicting Bathers At The Seaside, Dated 19th Century
  44. Illustration Depicting A Steam Roller Built For The City Of Liverpool, Dated 19th C.
  45. D'Orbigny Sealife V
  46. Spanish conversation, from Act II Scene iv of 'The Barber of Seville'
  47. Golden Plover
  48. Advertisement For Ritter's Road Skates, Dated 19th Century