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  1. Otto von Bismarck with Adolphe Thiers and Jules Faure
  2. Audubon: Warbler
  3. Roserk Abbey, County Mayo, Ireland
  4. Christian Loses His Burden At The Cross. From The Book The Pilgrim's Progress
  5. Classic Romance II
  6. Satirical Print Attacking French Clergy, late 18th Century, Color Engraving
  7. Midnight in September, engraved by G. Ulman
  8. Toad at the Wheel
  9. Illustration By Sirjohn Gilbert For Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream
  10. Men of the Jolly Roger
  11. Instruments Of Mathematical Precision For Designing Objects In Perspective
  12. Red Deer Stag, Hind, And Fawn
  13. The History of Our Wonderful World: The Vikings
  14. Kestrel
  15. Humber 14 Hp Model Of 1914. From La Esfera, 1914
  16. Snake And Roses, 1762
  17. Araticum ape, annona montana, artwork
  18. On The Summit Of The Hill Stands One Of The Most Delectable Palaces
  19. Audubon: Finch
  20. Harlequin beetle
  21. The Ornithologist's Dream III
  22. Flower Garden Varietals III
  23. Watt's Views IV
  24. Broad Leafed Maple
  25. Little Donkey
  26. William III Of Orange, Landing In Brixham, England, With His Dutch Army
  27. Civil War print of Lady Liberty during the outbreak of war
  28. 1849 The antidiluvian world by reynolds
  29. Testudines Shells
  30. Cartouche with Crucifixion in the Distance
  31. Wandering Rice Bird
  32. Crusaders surrounded by Saladin's army, from 'Bibliotheque des Croisades'
  33. Black Falcon
  34. Phoenix
  35. Drawing of a Man's Skeleton
  36. Raccoon
  37. Scientific Deer Sketch I
  38. Antique Herb Botanical VI
  39. The Ornithologist's Dream II
  40. Protozoa, historical artwork
  41. War Elephants Being Armored And Prepared For Battle, 1855
  42. Fanciful Ferns VII
  43. 1838 Guerin Plesiosaur reconstruction
  44. Arctic fox, in summer and winter fur
  45. Illustration for the short story The Haunted Man and The Ghost's Bargain. 1910
  46. Entomology - Myriapoda and Arachnida
  47. Swamp rabbit, or swamp hare
  48. Giant mobile crane