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  1. Gloxinia Garden III
  2. Spa Peonies III
  3. Vintage Beauty 1
  4. Lazuli Bunting, Clay-colored Sparrow, and two Dark-eyed Juncos, or Snow Birds
  5. Pipiry Flycatcher
  6. Tuscan Fruits II
  7. Protozoa, historical artwork
  8. Foliage on Navy IV
  9. Of what ill will he die, plate 40 of 'Los Caprichos', 1799
  10. Class 999 Locomotive Used On The New York Central And Hudson River Railroad, 19th C.
  11. Illustration For Purgatorio By Dante Alighieri, Canto XXV, Lines 107 To 110
  12. Astronomical Chart I
  13. As Pandora Raised The Lid The Cottage Grew Very Dark. Illustration
  14. Common American Swan
  15. Shelduck, historical artwork
  16. Jellyfish Display
  17. Lake George
  18. Comanche Indian Camp in the 1850's
  19. Costellazioni II
  20. Antique Greenery VI
  21. The Shipwrecked Man and the Sea, illustration from Aesop's Fables
  22. Orange Yellow Rhododendron
  23. Antique Cow VI
  24. Roman Baths
  25. Cineracum Flore by Basil Besler
  26. Grandiose Leaves II
  27. Illustration For Paradise Lost By John Milton, Book VI, Lines 410 To 412
  28. Fresco Crown Imperial I
  29. Yosemite, Cathedral Spires, 1874
  30. The Willow
  31. Audubon: Wigeon
  32. Alice And The Pack Of Cards
  33. Apollonius of Perga, Greek mathematician
  34. Audubon: Tanager
  35. Alice Peering At The Drink Me Bottle
  36. Engraving Depicting The Remains Of Stone Age Tools, Dated 19th Century
  37. Fern Collection II
  38. Passenger Pigeon
  39. The Fir-Tree and the Bramble, illustration from Aesop's Fables
  40. Illustration of Giuseppe Verdi Conducting in Paris
  41. The New Photography Or X Ray Photography From The Modern Cyclopedia Vol VI 1903
  42. The Ionic Order
  43. Court Of Lions, Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain
  44. El Matador Cigars
  45. Audubon: Sparrow
  46. Bowling Pin Up Girl
  47. Tawny owl, historical artwork
  48. Illustration From The Faerie Queene By Walter Crane 1845-1915 English Artist