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  1. Study of the Human Figure, Anterior View
  2. View Of Malaga Cathedral From The Port
  3. Mineralogie III
  4. William Penn's Treaty With The Indians, 1682
  5. Knorr Shells VI
  6. Graveyard And Mission San Luis Rey De Francia California, 1883
  7. Angler, 18th Century
  8. Illustration From Grimm's Fairy Tale, The Gnome
  9. Barnacle Goose
  10. Giant Figure of Christ
  11. Grindstone. Illustration for the Charles Dickens novel A Tale of Two Cities
  12. The Hare and the Frogs, La Fontaine's Fables, 1900
  13. Joachim Murat joins the regiment of Chasseurs des Ardennes, in 1787
  14. Audubon: Caracara
  15. Great Cinereous Shrike
  16. Araticum ape, annona montana, artwork
  17. Cinderella leaving for the Ball
  18. Eagle, 19th Century
  19. Sir Isaac Newton, British physicist
  20. A Gurnard
  21. Cassel Tropical Birds IV
  22. Jesus Walking on the Sea, John 6:19-21, illustration
  23. Napoleonic Wars, Polish Infantry, Regiment of the Vistula, Fusilier and Grenadier
  24. Joan of Arc hears heavenly voices in the Forest
  25. Green Hopper
  26. Oil drilling rig
  27. Not Worrying About Her Rights
  28. Golden-crowned Kinglet
  29. Dioscorides, Ancient Greek physician
  30. Hummingbird Delight V
  31. Wildflower Blush 2
  32. Ancient Architecture I
  33. Audubon: Warbler
  34. Our Lovely Little Birds, c1890
  35. Brother And Sister From The Book Baby's Own Aesop By Walter Crane Published C.1920
  36. Hooded Merganser
  37. Giant mobile crane
  38. Historic illustration of vegetables with graphic banner from the 20th century
  39. Italian Botanical II
  40. First Season Strawberry
  41. Fruits and Foliage III
  42. Oken Elephant & Zebra
  43. Crusaders surrounded by Saladin's army, from 'Bibliotheque des Croisades'
  44. M for Marmoset
  45. Joachim Murat Reviews a Company of Black Soldiers in Koenigsberg
  46. Antique Foliage and Fruit I
  47. Cattle, 19th Century
  48. Short-billed Dowitcher, or Red-breasted Snipe