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  1. U-Chu Book Illustration Of A Light Blue Iris
  2. Little Boy Blue, from Old Mother Goose's Rhymes and Tales
  3. Majestic Waterbird IV
  4. Ivory Gull
  5. British Officers Playing Polo On Woolwich Common, London, 1872
  6. Brown-headed Nuthatch
  7. Cromwell Dissolving The Long Parliament
  8. Toadstools And Mushrooms - Plate X
  9. Cinderella
  10. Sir Thomas More, 1478 To 1535, In Prison
  11. Head Of A Merino Ram, 19th Century
  12. Cinderella, Cover Of Children's Book
  13. Wildflower Blush 2
  14. Antique Coral Study I
  15. Texas Rangers, 1842
  16. Barber
  17. Dragonflies, 17th century artwork
  18. Butterfly Botanical II
  19. United States patent-office department, Washington, DC
  20. Portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  21. Vintage Beauty 6
  22. A General View of the City of London next to the River Thames, c.1780
  23. Hop capsid bug
  24. The Story of Samson
  25. Peregrine Falcon
  26. Majestic Waterbird V
  27. WWII Flying Tigers
  28. You Are Old, Father William, 1865
  29. Virgin and Child, engraved by Luigi Schiavonetti, 1793
  30. Studies in Symmetry I
  31. Red Lancers of the French Old Guard, From Book, 'The Old Guard'
  32. Study of Two Horses. Ca. 1400-55. Drawing by Antonio Pisanello. Louvre Museum, Paris
  33. View of the Temples of Erectheus and Pandrosus, the Acropolis
  34. Joan of Arc hears heavenly voices in the Forest
  35. Fallow deer, Domestic Animals, from de Buffon
  36. Traveling Pin Up Girls
  37. Chorus Mussel
  38. Two empire line evening dresses, from Les Robes de Paul Poiret 1908
  39. Illustration of Giuseppe Verdi Conducting in Paris
  40. Blue-Headed Pigeon
  41. The Crane King Eating the Frogs
  42. Green Beetle
  43. Thumbelisa on a lily pad with fish below
  44. Brer Rabbit
  45. Shooting, plate 2, engraved by William Woollett (1735-85)
  46. Hemlock Warbler
  47. Aurochs Hunt
  48. Steam Punk Roses II