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  1. Court Of Lions, Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain
  2. View From Hyde Park, On the Hudson River, c1836
  3. Black Poll Warbler
  4. Astronomical Chart I
  5. As Pandora Raised The Lid The Cottage Grew Very Dark. Illustration
  6. Crested Titmouse
  7. Taureau D'Angeln
  8. Sandwich Tern
  9. Owl Wings
  10. Audubon: Hare
  11. The Atlantic Salmon
  12. Hibiscus and Butterfly
  13. White-crowned Pigeon
  14. Tuscan Fruits IV
  15. White-throated Sparrow
  16. The Botanic Garden II
  17. Sketches and fabric swatches, from L'oficiel de la couleur des industries de la mode
  18. Audubon: Thrasher
  19. Maple Leaves II
  20. Gardener's Guide II
  21. Sepia Octopus
  22. Male and female Common Yellowthroats
  23. Tawny Thrush
  24. Channel Cat
  25. Vintage Roe Deer II
  26. Abundance of the Garden II
  27. The Muscles Of The Human Body. From The Household Physician, Published C.1890
  28. Grey phalarope, historical artwork
  29. Antique Foliage and Fruit V
  30. Spa Peonies III
  31. Cuvier's Kinglet
  32. Edgar Allan Poe
  33. Scene From Little Red Riding Hood By Charles Perrault, 1880
  34. Fern Portfolio IV
  35. Death of Samson, Judges 26:28-30, illustration
  36. Blue Yellow-Back Warbler
  37. The Plant and its Ornamental Applications, Plate 45 - Dandelion
  38. Distance of Sun, Moon and Planets
  39. The Crab and his Mother, illustration from Aesop's Fables
  40. American Bison
  41. The Panther, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  42. The Fox and the Crow, Selected Fontaine's Fables
  43. Alice in Wonderland - White Rabbit
  44. Hudson's Bay Titmouse
  45. Seaweed Study II
  46. Tropical Pin Up Girls
  47. Antique Protea I
  48. Botanique Study in Lavender I