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  1. Green Heron
  2. The Miracles of Jesus
  3. Floral Fantasia IV
  4. Advert for the Columbia Bicycle by The Pope MFG Co., Boston
  5. Antique Herb Botanical IV
  6. Fruits and Foliage V
  7. Coral Beauties II
  8. Antique Coral in Navy I
  9. Antique Amaryllis VII
  10. Golden eagle, historical artwork
  11. Red Lancers of the French Old Guard, From Book, 'The Old Guard'
  12. Church Of St. Maria, Cologne, Germany
  13. A Walk in the Forest I
  14. Tulip Classics III
  15. Foliage on Navy I
  16. Cuvier's Kinglet
  17. Shoemaker
  18. Abraham Journeying Into the Land of Canaan, Genesis 13:1-4, illustration
  19. Sepia Octopus
  20. Scene From Little Red Riding Hood By Charles Perrault, 1880
  21. Gloxinia Garden III
  22. Solitary Sandpiper
  23. Audubon: Jay And Magpie
  24. Forster's Tern and Snowy-crowned, or Trudeau's, Tern
  25. Yedo-Jiman Book Illustration Of A Purple Iris
  26. The Panther, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  27. The Queen Of the Circus, 1878
  28. Purple Ganaule
  29. Antique Aloe II
  30. Runaway Pin Up Girl
  31. Octopus - Die Cephalopod - 1915 - Plate 76
  32. Abundance of the Garden II
  33. The Weighing House, Weighing The Degrees Of Dumbness And Foolishness
  34. Botanique Study in Yellow II
  35. Seaweed Study II
  36. The Bear and the Fox, illustration from Aesop's Fables
  37. The Plant and its Ornamental Applications, Plate 45 - Dandelion
  38. Small Vintage Floral III
  39. Tulip Classics I
  40. Botanique Study in Pink II
  41. Trout Fishing In Montana, 1886
  42. Susan B. Anthony
  43. Sophisticated Sealife II
  44. Antique Foliage and Fruit V
  45. The Life And Adventures Of Robin Hood
  46. The Gnarled Monster From The Legend Of Croquemitaine
  47. Dragonfly Gathering II
  48. Bulb Garden IV