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  1. California Box Elder
  2. Female and male Boat-tailed Grackle
  3. The Transfiguration
  4. 1812 Egyptian Ibis
  5. Strange Creatures from the East: Japanese Rooster
  6. Illustration Depicting A Bouquet Of Poppies, Carnations And Foxglove
  7. Digitalis and Geranium
  8. Floral Fantasia III
  9. Initials on a Tree, a Clue to the Lost Colony of Roanoke
  10. The Kiss of Judas, 1893
  11. As Pandora Raised The Lid The Cottage Grew Very Dark. Illustration
  12. Garden Bounty V
  13. Sophisticated Sealife II
  14. Sepia Lobster I
  15. Cheeky Baby, 2012
  16. Men's Fashion II
  17. Jean Valjean watching over Cosette asleep, illustration from 'Les Miserables'
  18. The Composite Order
  19. Robinson Crusoe and his pets. From Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, published 1908
  20. Descubes Botanical Grass II
  21. Munting Botanicals II
  22. Black-Capt Titmouse
  23. Turpin Exotic Palms II
  24. Design By Aubrey Beardsley, The Contents Page Of The Savoy Volume 1
  25. Shoemaker
  26. Fern Leaf Folio I
  27. Beer, the Hop Plant, 1836
  28. Shooting, plate 1, engraved by William Woollett (1735-85) 1769
  29. Sketches and fabric swatches, from L'oficiel de la couleur des industries de la mode
  30. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart As A Child
  31. Public Ledger Building, Philadelphia, in c.1870
  32. Temple Construction in Egypt
  33. Californian Partridge
  34. Opera Cachous Perfume Advertisement, c1890
  35. Homage To Howard
  36. Chestnut Coloured Finch
  37. Is Not This Great Babylon That I Have Built By Constance N Baikie C.1920
  38. Antique Fish Species III
  39. Audubon: Warbler
  40. White-Winged Silvery Gull
  41. Antique Amaryllis II
  42. Mansion in Quincy, formerly Braintree, Massachusetts, belonging to John Adams
  43. Christian's Conflict With Apollyon. From The Book The Pilgrim's Progress
  44. The Fox and the Crow, Selected Fontaine's Fables
  45. Snow Goose
  46. Arabian Horse, Domestic Animals, from de Buffon
  47. The Book Of Jonah Depicts Nineveh As A Wicked City Worthy Of Destruction, Dated 19th C.
  48. The Jaguar, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon