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  1. Old St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England, In The 16th Century
  2. Is Not This Great Babylon That I Have Built By Constance N Baikie C.1920
  3. The Jaguar, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  4. The Crusaders' War Machinery, from 'Bibliotheque des Croisades'
  5. Illustration Of A Lake Submarine, Used During World War One
  6. Beer, the Hop Plant, 1836
  7. Unhygienic street conditions in Ludlow Street near Houston, New York City
  8. Illustration By Arthur Rackham From Grimm's Fairy Tale, The Enchanted Tree
  9. Dolly Varden. Illustration for the Charles Dickens novel Barnaby Rudge
  10. Joan of Arc hears heavenly voices in the Forest
  11. Alluring Botanical VIII
  12. Men in Armour IV
  13. Avian Journal I
  14. Alice Grows Too Tall For The Room
  15. California Box Elder
  16. Tennessee Warbler
  17. Harbour Of Rhodes, Greece
  18. Mr. Pickwick Addresses The Club. From The Charles Dickens Novel The Pickwick Papers
  19. Sydney Carton on the Scaffold. Illustration for A Tale of Two Cities. 1910
  20. 1833 Fat Dodo from the Penny Magazine
  21. Mysterious Appearance Of The Gentleman In The Small Clothes. From Nicholas Nickleby
  22. Our Lovely Little Birds, c1890
  23. Florida Alligators
  24. 1849 John Stevens Henslow, Darwin's tutor
  25. Engraving By Gustave Dore Of Baron Munchausen
  26. 19th Century Japanese engraving
  27. Baron Munchausen Finds A Wonderful Marksman In California C.1886
  28. Illustration By Sir John Gilbert Of Joan La Pucelle, Or Joan Of Arc In King Henry VI
  29. The Death Struggle in the Lock. Illustration for the novel Our Mutual Friend
  30. The Kiss of Judas, 1893
  31. Polish Lancers at Somosierra, Nov, 30, 1808, By Louis Bombled
  32. Birth of the Roman Empire
  33. Mount St. Helens And the Columbia River In Washington State, 1866
  34. View Of Malaga Cathedral From The Port
  35. The Rescue Of A Pet At the Dog Pound In New York City, 1883
  36. Durham Cathedral And Castle, England In The Late 19th Century
  37. Audubon: Dickcissel
  38. Robinson Crusoe Reaches An Island Shore. From Robinson Crusoe. C.1911
  39. The Curate's Presents. By Max Cowper From The Book Sketches
  40. Robinson Crusoe and his pets. From Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, published 1908
  41. American Ptarmigan
  42. The Death of Little Nell. Illustration for the novel The Old Curiosity Shop
  43. Vintage Beauty 3
  44. Black-Throated Green Warbler
  45. Wildflower Blush 1
  46. Antique Iris III
  47. Blossoming Vine II
  48. Black Skimmer Or Shearwater