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  1. Ryper
  2. Head of Grouse, from The Farnley Book of Birds, c.1816
  3. Audubon: Eagle
  4. The Dancing Academy. Illustration for Sketches by Boz by Charles Dickens
  5. Illustration From Grimm's Fairy Tale, The Hut In The Forest
  6. The Fairy God-mother and the coach, from 'Cinderella' by Charles Perrault
  7. Illustration By Arthur Rackham From Grimm's Fairy Tale, The Three Feathers
  8. Antique Foliage and Fruit III
  9. Illustration By Arthur Rackham From Grimm's Fairy Tale, The Three Spinning Women
  10. Trajan's Column, Rome, Italy, From Piranesi
  11. A Heroine Florine of Burgundy, from 'Bibliotheque des Croisades'
  12. Provis. Illustration by Harry Furniss for the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations
  13. View of the Temples of Erectheus and Pandrosus, the Acropolis
  14. Buff-Breasted Sandpiper
  15. Shooting, plate 2, engraved by William Woollett (1735-85)
  16. Old Windmill On Nantucket, Massachusetts, 19th Century
  17. Men's Fashion III
  18. Genesis XIVI, 5 To 7, Jacob Goeth Into Egypt
  19. Plans For The Maryland State House
  20. Antique Amaryllis I
  21. Exodus XXXII 19, Moses Breaking The Tables Of The Law
  22. Tennessee Warbler
  23. 1940's Italy Illustrations Magazine Plate
  24. Munting Botanicals IV
  25. Schins Sandpiper
  26. Tom All Alone's. Illustration. From The Book Bleak House By Charles Dickens
  27. Antique Amaryllis II
  28. Camp Comanche, c1844
  29. Audubon: Chipmunk
  30. The Visit At The Brickmaker's. Illustration From The Book Bleak House By Charles Dickens
  31. David And His Great Aunt. From The Book David Copperfield By Charles Dickens
  32. Illustration By Arthur Rackham From Grimm's Fairy Tale, The Skillful Huntsman
  33. Oregon, Cascade Mountains, 1866
  34. Fairy Tale Illustration, Sleeping Princess
  35. Display of Butterflies II
  36. Audubon: Finch
  37. Alice In the Garden Of Live Flowers
  38. The Unexpected Breaking Up Of The Seminary For Young Ladies. From The Pickwick Papers
  39. Grand Stand, Monmouth Park - the Hurdle Race, 1870
  40. Scotland, Loch Lomond, c1875
  41. Facsimile Of Our Saviour Appearing To Mary Magdalene In The Garden
  42. Overall View Salt Lake City, Utah, In 1870s
  43. Cyrus Restoring the Vessels of the Temple, illustration
  44. Midland Railway freight depot, Nottingham, 1920s
  45. Gibson Girl, 1900
  46. Castor Bean
  47. Butterflies
  48. Shooting, plate 3, engraved by William Woollett (1735-85) 1770