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  1. Jager
  2. Hood's Sarsaparilla Trade Card, c1880
  3. Le Banquet Du Lord-Maire A Londres. - La Coupe D'Amour, 1872
  4. Orleans, France
  5. Tinman
  6. Henry IV Reproving Prince Henry
  7. Rock Grouse
  8. Semipalmated Plover
  9. Treason: The Man Within
  10. Placid Condition
  11. Gibraltar From Above Camp Bay
  12. Plains pocket gopher, formerly known as the Canada pouched rat
  13. Bonaparte was wounded in the thigh during the Siege of Toulon, By Louis Bombled
  14. The Mercenaries: The Green Brigade
  15. Brant Goose
  16. Jayajirao Scindia, 1835 To 1886, Maharajah Of Gwalior From 1843 To 1886
  17. The Grimme and the Bushbuck, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  18. Domestic Pigeons, 1841
  19. Hatter
  20. Audubon: Mole
  21. Soldier
  22. John Bunyan's Meeting House, Zoar Street, Gravel Lane, Southwark, London, England
  23. Boycotted Butter In the Cork Market, 1885
  24. The Porcupine, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  25. The Lowland Pac. 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  26. Harbour Scene
  27. Cloudscape, c1900
  28. View Of the Furstenstein Castle In Silesia, Prussia, 1875
  29. Nancy, Viscountess Astor
  30. Fairhead, County Antrim, Ireland
  31. The Merchant Of Venice, Act II, Scene V, Before Shylock's House
  32. The Two Chestnuts, 19th Century
  33. The Caracal, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  34. Rough Ranger, c1846
  35. Harlech Castle, Located In Harlech, Gwynedd, Wales, 1898
  36. Elder-Tree Mother
  37. Hedgehog, Domestic Animals, from de Buffon
  38. Man Wearing Clothes Representing Three Orders-Clergy, Nobility And Worker
  39. Star-nosed mole
  40. The Jewish Quarter, Frankfurt Am Main, Hesse, Germany In The 19th Century
  41. Illustration suggesting how the Propylon or Gate of the Temple of Luxor, 1889
  42. The Shooting Pony, Useful Hints To Sportsmen, 1884
  43. Hero or Villain?: The Iron Invader
  44. Enrollment Of Volunteers, 1792
  45. Engraving Depicting Sir Bors, By Henry Ryland, Dated 19th Century
  46. As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII, The Seven Ages Of Man, Second Age
  47. As You Like It. Act II. Scene VII. The Seven Ages Of Man, First Age
  48. Serenos Or Nightwatchmen