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Art Fit For Your Unique Taste

Identifying Your Decor Style

We've compiled a list of the most notable decor styles to help identify yours. Remember, your taste is unique so find art that speaks to you and don't worry about definitions!

Classic, Never Tired


A traditional styled home feels formal, has numerous examples of symmetry and often features realistically rendered portrait art and still lifes. If these elements resonate with you, the traditional style will suit you well.

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Featured art: 2774607

Mix and Match Everything


If your space is full of patterns, collected items from travels, with a mixed and matched materials and earthy natural colors, then Bohemian styling may be for you.

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Featured art: 2627651

Less is More


Minimalism is your go-to style if you crave uncluttered spaces, simplicity in design, and clean lines. Create the serene space of your dreams with art inspired by the minimalist movement.

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Featured art: 2608041, 2608040

Boldly Modern


Those drawn to a modern interior with influences from a variety of design styles will find the appeal of a contemporary space. Contemporary style is an edited aesthetic, offering an 'everything in its place' approach with sleek, thoughtful details, often utilizing pops of bold color.

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Featured art: 2964361

Oh, So Luxe


Do you enjoy interiors that feel like a luxurious hotel with glimmering metallic accents, and a touch of sparkle? If your style is ultra-feminine and fashion-forward, Glam is for you. Glam decor lovers are often inspired by luxury and the allure of old Hollywood glamour.

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Featured art: 2746323

More is More


Maximalism embraces the bold use of color, eye-catching pattern, and layering. Lots of layering. Think of covering an entire wall with art, so curated and exact that it gives the feeling of wallpaper, enveloping the viewer in pattern and color. It is impactful, purposeful, and curated.

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Featured art: 2874776, 2627425, 2974987, 2973185, 2961494, 2975597,

No Frills


If your home has rustic wood beams or an aged hand-made wood table, neutral hues like white and gray, and a collection of weathered antiques, Farmhouse style is where your heart is. It is a style inspired by the simple things in life.

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Featured art: 2076396

Form Meets Function

Mid Century Modern

Your home will fall into the mid century modern category if you surround yourself with sleek, clean lines, and organic shapes. A collection of mid century furniture pieces and a neutral color palette with a splash of primary colors, are quintessentially a part of this style.

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Featured art: 1912489

See More Decor Styles

Find more curated art suggestions based on a variety of decor styles. From Transitional to Coastal, we have art to match any style or taste.

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