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  1. Blue Mud Dauber (Chalybion Caerulium)
  2. Inch Worm
  3. Larviform Female Firefly (Lampyridae), Glowworm
  4. Human Botfly, Belize
  5. Exotic Floral Botanical I
  6. Tropical butterfly
  7. Insect Varieties III
  8. A Hoverfly Visits A Gladiolus Blossom, Astoria, Oregon
  9. Female Golden Silk Orb-Weaver, Daintree National Park, Queensland, Australia
  10. Mexican Bean Beetle Metamorphosis (Epilachna Varivestis)
  11. Insect Varieties IV
  12. I'm Wet
  13. Exotic Floral Botanical III
  14. Crimson Patch Butterfly, Cholsyne janais, a New World Butterfly
  15. State Posters - New Mexico State Insect: Tanrantula Hawk Wasp
  16. Firefly (Photinus Pyralis)
  17. Outdoor Beauties X Color
  18. Butterflies
  19. Seven Spot Ladybird On Tendril
  20. Sweet
  21. Emerald Beetle
  22. Botanical Butterflies Postcard III White
  23. Six-Spotted Green Tiger Beetle (Cicindela Sexguttata)
  24. Beetle
  25. Entomology - Myriapoda and Arachnida
  26. Grasshopper, 1690-1700, Dutch painting, gouache on parchment
  27. Beetle Green
  28. Outdoor Beauties IX Color
  29. Miss Butterfly Brookiana Profil - Skyblue
  30. Promethea Moth, Caterpillar, And Pupae (Callosamia Promethea)
  31. Miss Butterfly Catopsilia - X-Ray Left Black Edition
  32. California Trapdoor Spider (Bothriocyrtum Californicum)
  33. Butterflies, Bees And Bugs
  34. Black And White Butterfly IV
  35. Three-horned Rhinoceros Beetle, Malaysia
  36. Hallowed Moon II
  37. Wings Galore II
  38. Candy Cane Spider on a flower, Astoria, Oregon
  39. Hallowed Moon I
  40. Butterfly, Niagara Botanical Gardens, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  41. Fresh Botanical II
  42. Charaxes Imperialis 1 (A), 2014
  43. Beetle II
  44. Dew collects on the web of a European Garden Spider, Astoria, Oregon
  45. Bee Happy IV Spice
  46. Exotic Floral Botanical II
  47. Butterflies and Ferns III
  48. Jardine Butterflies V