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  1. Summer Butterflies II
  2. Bumble Bee
  3. Katydid, newly discovered species, cleaning antenna, Suriname
  4. Butterfly I
  5. Bee Happy IV
  6. Brown Hawker dragonfly, Switzerland
  7. Flutter A
  8. Paper Kite (Idea leuconoe) butterfly, native to Asia
  9. Dragonfly
  10. Bees & Honey I
  11. Leafcutter Ant (Atta sp) carrying leaf, Costa Rica
  12. Hawkmoths, historical art
  13. Butterfly I
  14. Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides) butterfly wing with false eyespots, Ecuador
  15. Priapus Batwing Swallowtail Butterfly from S.E. Asia, Atrophaneura Priapus
  16. Swirl Butterfly III
  17. Dragonflies Print II
  18. Insecte I
  19. Butterfly in Green and Pink a
  20. Male red-tailed pennant dragonfly on limb
  21. Butterfly - Shine Brightly
  22. Adult Ground Beetle (Carabidae,)
  23. Natures Gem I
  24. Be Awesome
  25. Macabre Collection D
  26. Close Up Of A Dragonfly
  27. Vintage Butterfly II
  28. Set Of Beautiful Butterflies
  29. Close-up detail wing pattern of tropical butterfly
  30. Happy To Bee Home III
  31. Striped Bark Scorpion
  32. Various animals illustrated, 19th century
  33. Jardine Butterflies VI
  34. Flight of Fancy Butterfly - Compassion
  35. Close-up detail wing pattern of tropical butterfly
  36. Lime Turquoise Beetle Collection Beetle 7
  37. Falling From II
  38. Unique Butterfly Resting On Tree Bark
  39. Bumblebee collecting pollen
  40. Butterfly L
  41. Fairy Study I
  42. Like A Bird
  43. Crimson-patched Longwing (Heliconius erato) butterfly pair, Ecuador
  44. Cicindela Ancocisconensis
  45. Ink Wash Garden I
  46. A butterfly clings to a red-flowered green stalk
  47. Botanical Florals
  48. Kindness