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  1. Slow Transport
  2. Butterfly Feeding On Thistle
  3. Male Luna Silk Moth
  4. Leafcutter Ant (Atta sp) carrying leaf, Costa Rica
  5. European Hornet nest
  6. Violet
  7. Summer Swing
  8. Bee
  9. Dung beetle pushing a ball of dung, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
  10. Butterfly Tile IV
  11. Mealtime Blessings And Grace
  12. Grow and Change - Butterfly
  13. SEM close-up view of Indian Meal Moth wing detail at 210x magnification
  14. Honey Bee
  15. Common Blue Butterflies
  16. Poetic Butterfly II
  17. Outdoor Beauties IV Color
  18. Falling From I
  19. Floral Kaleidoscope III
  20. Damask Butterfly I
  21. North Carolina, Green Swamp Ecological Reserve. Green Lyn Spider on carnivorous trumpet
  22. The Fable Of The Ladybug And The Empusa
  23. Together
  24. flower beetle turquoise
  25. Insects, Plate 4 by E.A. Seguy
  26. Birds Hearts Butterflies
  27. Tandem Butterflies I
  28. Moth Plate I
  29. Butterfly Windows
  30. Miss Butterfly Duo Formoia - X-Ray Black Edition
  31. Memories of Paris II
  32. Insects, Bees
  33. Butterfly Petals II
  34. Re-Born
  35. Field Notes Florals I
  36. Toile Rooster
  37. just little bees
  38. Enchanting Wings III
  39. Leafcutter Ant (Atta sp) group carrying leaf, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia
  40. Clouded Sulfur Butterfly (Colias Philodice)
  41. Want To Fly
  42. Butterflies
  43. Bees & Honey II
  44. A palmetto skipper butterfly, at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park
  45. Butterfly Tile II
  46. Bugs
  47. Butterfly Inkling II
  48. The Monster