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  1. Monochrome Wings IV
  2. A stinkbug nymph
  3. Fly
  4. Pyrgus Alveus
  5. White Admiral Butterfly On Cow Parsnip, Alberta, Canada
  6. Balloon and Bird Cage 2
  7. A butterfly clings to a red-flowered green stalk
  8. Miss Butterfly Catopsilia Sq - Turquoise
  9. Field Notes Florals II
  10. Nettle groundbug
  11. Bubble and Squeak
  12. Bee House Botanical
  13. Butterfly Specimen IV
  14. A Bugs Life
  15. Monochrome Wings III
  16. Butterfly on wet autumn leafs
  17. Feel My Presence
  18. Paper Kite Butterflies Flying, Philippines
  19. Fighting Ants
  20. Blue Wings I
  21. Pop Art - Migrating Bowties
  22. Fire Bug mass mating, a true bug of the Heteroptera suborder, Europe
  23. Blue Bottle Fly feeding on flower nectar, western Oregon
  24. Butterfly
  25. Decorative Butterflies I
  26. Grasshopper On A Dew Covered Plant, Les Cedres, Quebec, Canada
  27. Privet Hawk Moth caterpillar, Switzerland
  28. Leichhardt's Grasshopper on Pityrodia plant, Northern Territory, Australia
  29. A cattail toothpick grasshopper at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, Florida
  30. Butterfly Bouquet I Blue
  31. Flying Colors VI
  32. Hawaii, Maui, A Close-up Of A Red Dragonfly
  33. Damselfly perched on a leaf, Les Cedres, Quebec, Canada
  34. Leafcutter Ant (Atta sp) carrying leaf, Costa Rica
  35. White Barn Butterflies II
  36. Harlequin Cabbage Bug (Murgantia Histrionica)
  37. Hallowed Moon II
  38. Miss Butterfly Euploea Sq - X-Ray Black Edition
  39. Miss Butterfly Euploea - Green
  40. Miss Butterfly Formosana Sq - Yellow
  41. Natures Wisdom IV
  42. Newly Emerged Milbert's Tortoise Shell Butterfly
  43. Butterfly (Lepidoptera)
  44. Tachinid Fly, Woburn, Massachusetts
  45. Floral Flight Parade I
  46. Lovely Blues II
  47. Tent Caterpillar Moth camouflaged on leaf litter in the dry season, Mozambique
  48. Butterfly VII