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  1. Miss Butterfly Duo Catoploea Sq - X-Ray Black Edition
  2. Buzz Off
  3. Hawk Moth, Tawau Hills Park, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia
  4. Gladeye Bushbrown Butterflies
  5. City Butterfly I
  6. Tarantula (Pamphobeteus sp) male, Mindo, western slope of Andes, Ecuador
  7. Soldier Fly
  8. Entomology Series IX
  9. Botanical Butterflies Postcard IV White
  10. Dragonfly - Square
  11. Ladybird
  12. Golden Garden
  13. Bee House Botanical
  14. Butterfly Script I
  15. Caterpillar & Moth IV
  16. Katydid in defensive posture, Suriname
  17. Crimson-patched Longwing (Heliconius erato) butterfly pair, Ecuador
  18. Bubble and Squeak
  19. Insect Varieties II
  20. Blessed By Nature I
  21. Morning Workout
  22. Butterfly On A Green Leaf; Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  23. Leafcutter Ant (Atta sp) carrying leaf, Costa Rica
  24. Catch Of The Day
  25. Swallowtail with beating wings on a yellow flower.
  26. Ladybird Beetle Larva, Pupa And Adult (Coccinellidae), Ladybug
  27. Imperial Moth (Eacles imperialis) camouflaged in leaf litter in rainforest
  28. Fly
  29. Monarch Butterfly
  30. Jardine Butterflies VI
  31. Froghopper, Tierras Morenas, Costa Rica
  32. Giant Crab Spider, Suriname
  33. Twins
  34. The Challenger
  35. Bold and Bright Butterfly
  36. Flower Beetle Turquoise
  37. Butterflies & Flowers IV
  38. Close-up detail wing pattern of tropical butterfly
  39. Flight of Fancy Butterfly - Think Positive
  40. Floral Flight Parade I
  41. Butterflies Double I
  42. Newly Emerged Milbert's Tortoise Shell Butterfly
  43. Tiger Beetle (Cicindela Sexguttata)
  44. Bird-Eating Spider (Theraphosa)
  45. Summer Free I
  46. A golden orb-web spider, at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
  47. Cereal-Leaf Beetle (Lema Melanopa)
  48. Colorful Flight