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  1. Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus), Milkweed Butterfly
  2. Butterfly On Yellow Flowers
  3. Neutral Moth II
  4. Indigo Butterfly II
  5. A Butterfly On A Flower
  6. Close-up of a bumblebee on a flower
  7. Monarch Butterfly In Rain On Sunflower, Nova Scotia, Canada
  8. Empiric Dynasty
  9. Serene Dragonfly I
  10. Light Monarch I
  11. Blessed By Nature IV
  12. Close-up of a Bhutanitis mansfieldi wing
  13. Miss Butterfly Genutia - Hot Pink
  14. Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) honeycomb cells filled with honey and covered by wax
  15. A small butterfly sitting on a tree with overlaid textures
  16. Vintage Butterfly I
  17. Springtime
  18. Lightning Bugs
  19. With Elegance
  20. Mohawk
  21. It's Raining Again
  22. Blue butterfly (Polyommatus icarus)
  23. Common Tiger Butterfly Cyanotype
  24. Falling From II
  25. Strawberry Fields II
  26. Cecropia Moth On Leaves
  27. Close-up detail wing pattern of butterfly
  28. Mountain Apollo butterfly on Common Bistort, Switzerland
  29. Midnight Moth Spotted
  30. Marble white butterfly sitting on a chamomile flower
  31. Butterfly
  32. Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly
  33. Soft Summer Sketches VI
  34. Diaethria clymena
  35. Marbled white butterfly, feeding on Greater knapweed flower, Wiltshire, England
  36. Closeup Of Praying Mantis
  37. Miss Butterfly X-Ray Panoramic Black Iii
  38. Silk Butterfly II
  39. Gold Butterfly
  40. Small Friends
  41. Toile Rooster
  42. Flight Pattern, 2014
  43. Night Sky Scorpio
  44. All A Flutter
  45. Dragon Fly, 2009
  46. Painted Lady Butterfly - Underside (Vanessa Virginiensis), American Painted Lady
  47. Falling From I
  48. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Papilio glaucus