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  1. Ladybird walking across a leaf
  2. Wayward Whim
  3. Spanish Moon Moth wing detail, Switzerland
  4. Female Sparkling Jewelwing displays while perched on a waterplant leaf
  5. Gilded Butterfly on Grey
  6. Pursue Sweetness IV
  7. Miss Butterfly Catopsilia - X-Ray Left White Edition
  8. Black Swallowtail II
  9. Emperor Scorpion flourescing under black light, Africa
  10. Display of Butterflies IV
  11. Time Flies I
  12. Devil's Praying Mantis in defensive posture, Tanzania
  13. Les Papillons I
  14. Dragonfly Doodle
  15. Fluttering Gown II
  16. Miss Butterfly Duo Formoia Ii - Mauve
  17. Butterfly Brigade III
  18. Red Admiral, Hoogeloon, Netherlands.
  19. Gold Butterfly Contours I
  20. Sunset Moth, 2014
  21. Butterfly Boutique
  22. Butterfly on a flower
  23. Sepia Butterfly Impressions III
  24. Giant Swallowtail Butterfly
  25. Black Butterfly
  26. Graceful Flight I
  27. Close up of butterfly perched on leaf with green background.
  28. Nature's Tapestry I
  29. Butterflies
  30. Giant Crab Spider, Suriname
  31. Spanish Moon Moth male, Switzerland
  32. Miss Butterfly X-Ray Pano
  33. Marbled white butterfly, feeding on Greater knapweed flower, Wiltshire, England
  34. Graceful Flight II
  35. Palomino Play
  36. Happy Gypsy VII
  37. The Pianist
  38. Balance
  39. Wasp On The Poppy
  40. Bees building a honeycomb
  41. Macro World Fantasy
  42. A Walk in the Forest I
  43. Owl Butterfly (Caligo memnon) perched upside down on tree, Costa Rica
  44. Dragonfly, Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, Florida
  45. Green Beetle
  46. Puss Moth (Cerura vinula) on stem, Europe
  47. Ladybug on a stem
  48. Summers End