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  1. Honeycomb with bee
  2. Ink Wash Garden VI
  3. Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly With Red Geraniam Flowers
  4. Mint Butterfly II
  5. Memories of Paris II
  6. Zebra longwings on flower
  7. Obviously Pink 10
  8. Owl Butterfly (Caligo memnon) wing with false eye spot, South America
  9. Spiderwebs display dew
  10. Wolf Spider (Hogna sp), Mindo, western slope of Andes, Ecuador
  11. Joy Ride
  12. Farm Bee - Light
  13. Miss Butterfly Brookiana - Mauve
  14. Unexpected Guest
  15. Green Dung Beetle Female Oxysternon Conspicillatum As Viewed From The Top
  16. Green Caterpillar on stem
  17. Lace Flower I
  18. Botanical Butterflies Postcard II White
  19. Weaver Ant pair defending against Driver Ant attack, Africa
  20. Zabrops Flavipilis
  21. Beautiful Demoiselle male, Switzerland
  22. Flight of Curiosity
  23. Wings
  24. The Lost Flight
  25. Outdoor Beauties VIII Color
  26. Beetle Bug III
  27. Hop capsid bug
  28. Summer Free II
  29. Nature Study in Plum and Taupe III
  30. Slow Transport
  31. Butterfly II
  32. Little Small Plane
  33. The Escapist
  34. A tree cricket found at Spring Creek Prairie, Denton, Nebraska
  35. Display of Butterflies II
  36. Owl Butterfly
  37. Want To Fly
  38. Insect Varieties I
  39. Queen Honey Bee
  40. Black Swallowtail II
  41. Watercolorful V
  42. Whiskered
  43. Decorative Butterflies III
  44. Circular Butterfly II
  45. 3 Bees
  46. Small Emperor Moth false eye on wing of male, Switzerland
  47. Marbled Fritillary butterfly on thistle, Alps, Switzerland
  48. Miss Butterfly Agenor - X-Ray B