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  1. Close-Up Of Wasp Pollinating Eastern Spring Beauty Flower, Ontario, Canada
  2. Miss Butterfly Genutia - Honey
  3. Still Life
  4. Happy Bee I
  5. Tropical butterfly
  6. Butterfly Blues II
  7. Tobacco hornworm with tobacco plant
  8. Chiron Sphinx Moth showing large compound eyes, Amazon, Ecuador
  9. Photo Nature - Morning Stroll
  10. Dragonflies and Water Lilies I
  11. Tan colored praying mantis
  12. Cecropia moth caterpillars, at the Minnesota Zoo
  13. The Amazing Ant
  14. Damselfly perched on a leaf, Les Cedres, Quebec, Canada
  15. Spain, Andalusia, Ladybird
  16. Pyrgus Alveus
  17. Red Ant Portrait
  18. Morning Workout
  19. Neutral Moth I
  20. Summer Love
  21. Butterflies Double I
  22. Nature Study in Plum and Taupe II
  23. Froghopper, Tierras Morenas, Costa Rica
  24. Flight of Curiosity
  25. Lightness Of Being
  26. Drone Honey Bee
  27. Butterfly Petals I
  28. Banded-legged Golden Orb-web Spider in web, Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
  29. Butterfly Blues I
  30. Hi there
  31. Giant Crab Spider, Suriname
  32. Miss Butterfly Cloanthus Sq - Turquoise
  33. Catch Of The Day
  34. Elephant Miniaturized
  35. Fern Fantasy Garden I
  36. Buckeye Butterfly (Precis Lavinia)
  37. Butterfly
  38. Butterfly Script II
  39. Falling From III
  40. Mint Summer Cicada
  41. Wasp flying, Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe
  42. Autumn Sunflowers II
  43. Sulphur Butterfly in the Phoebis family
  44. A hickory horned devil caterpillar
  45. Butterfly Botanical
  46. Saturnia Pyretorum Moth On Lichen-Covered Branch
  47. Zabrops Flavipilis
  48. Hot Day