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  1. Butterfly in Yellow
  2. Tainted Love
  3. A greenbottle blue tarantula, at the Lincoln Children's Zoo
  4. Pursue Sweetness I
  5. Horse with Butterfly Wings
  6. A New Leader
  7. Wanderlust
  8. Bug's Life
  9. Green Hopper
  10. Blessed By Nature XII
  11. Black And White Butterfly II
  12. Butterflies
  13. With Elegance
  14. Lovely Blues II
  15. Bee Flying to Foxtail Lily Flower
  16. Way Out Wings
  17. Miss Butterfly Duo Formoia Ii - Mauve
  18. A Julia butterfly, at the Minnesota Zoo
  19. Ghost ants at the Urban Entomology Lab at the University of Florida
  20. Close-up detail wing pattern of tropical butterfly
  21. Obviously Pink 11
  22. Pink Butterfly Mask Skull
  23. Falling From III
  24. Violet Butterflies II
  25. What A View
  26. Close-up detail wing pattern of tropical butterfly
  27. Entomology - Myriapoda and Arachnida
  28. Hybrid 64
  29. Hunting Spider walking on Bananas, native to Central America
  30. Banded-legged Golden Orb-web Spider in web, Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
  31. Spain, Andalusia, Ladybird
  32. Dancing With Butterflies
  33. Enchanting Wings III
  34. TEEN Flutter of Love
  35. Bee Happy V
  36. Rustic Butterfly II
  37. In Flight I
  38. Malay Lacewing butterfly in captive breeding program, Malaysia
  39. Beetle Lay Out On Black Back Ground In Multi Colors And Shapes
  40. Saturnia Pyretorum Moth On Lichen-Covered Branch
  41. Blessed By Nature XI
  42. Luna Moth
  43. Bumble Bee
  44. Butterfly Dreams I
  45. The Harpist
  46. Honey Bee
  47. Graphic Butterflies in Nature I
  48. Blessed By Nature XIV