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  1. In Flight II
  2. Sunset Lace I
  3. Butterfly on Zinnia
  4. Monochrome Wings II
  5. David and Goliath
  6. Butterfly Petals II
  7. Ink Wash Garden I
  8. Butterfly
  9. Butterfly Hearts And Swirls
  10. Hecla Sulphur Butterfly On A Northern Goldenrod Flower, Interior Alaska
  11. Lime Turquoise Beetle Collection Beetle 1
  12. The Spider and the Fly, illustration from Aesop's Fables
  13. Butterfly Bouquet on Black III
  14. Gold Butterfly Contours II
  15. Miss Butterfly Genutia - Turquoise
  16. Vintage Dictionary Art: Butterfly II
  17. Les Papillons I
  18. Goldenrod crab spider (Misumena vatia) with bee in blooming flower, close up, New York
  19. Blue mountain swallowtail (Papilio ulysses) wings and abdomen, detail
  20. Black And White Butterfly I
  21. Purple Spotted Swallowtail Butterfly (Graphium weiskei) on flowers
  22. Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) and orchid flower, Malaysia
  23. Blue Butterfly
  24. Blue Morpho Resting On Tail Feather Design Of The Grey's Peacock Pheasant
  25. Hot Dog VII
  26. En Bleu V
  27. Spider web
  28. Neutral Moth II
  29. A monarch butterfly, Danaus plexxipus, visiting butterfly bush flowers, Buddleia davidii.; Belmont, Massachusetts.
  30. Bee III
  31. Swallowtail on Azalea
  32. Creative image of a mounted exotic butterfly
  33. A butterfly landing on a flower
  34. Common Green Birdwing or the Priams Birdwing, Male, Ornithoptera primes
  35. Close-up detail wing pattern of butterfly
  36. Swallowtail butterfly on cosmos flower in japan.
  37. Water on Spider Web
  38. Indigo Butterfly I
  39. Scattered Butterflies II
  40. Winged Emergence
  41. Postcards of Paris IV
  42. Lime Turquoise Beetle Collection Beetle 8
  43. Blue dasher dragonfly on purple tropical water lily with yellow center
  44. Close up view of a Yellow Jacket sitting on a Deer Cabbage flower
  45. Unearth II
  46. Green Fields IV
  47. Butterfly.
  48. Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia, bee on a sunflower