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  1. Neutral Moth II
  2. Green Beetle
  3. Butterfly in Yellow
  4. Golden Wings II
  5. Praying Mantis, Woburn, Massachusetts
  6. Butterfly Petals I
  7. Butterfly Imprint VI
  8. Fern Fantasy Garden II
  9. Madagascan Sunset Moth wing detail, Madagascar
  10. Butterflies
  11. Blue Butterfly Study
  12. Graphic Butterfly Taxonomy II
  13. Lime Turquoise Beetle Collection Beetle 1
  14. Graphic Butterfly Taxonomy I
  15. B r e a t h e
  16. Shadow Box Butterfly III
  17. Flutterfly II
  18. Indigo Butterfly Falls II
  19. Macro World Fantasy
  20. Butterfly Skull
  21. Macabre Collection VII
  22. Unknown Jumping Spider, Salticidae, adult, New Braunfels, Hill Country, Texas
  23. Outdoor Beauties VI Color
  24. Blue Morpho Butterfly On Flower
  25. Speed Dating
  26. Natures Gem II
  27. Spring Bees II
  28. Floral Beetles II
  29. Oregon, Multnomah County. Crab spider on poppy flower
  30. Euphaedra Cyparissa On Orchids
  31. Miss Butterfly Agenor - X-Ray Right Black Edition
  32. Happy Bee III
  33. Moth Fairies II
  34. Jewel Beetle From Madigascar, Polybothris Sumptuousa Gema, The Gema Beetle
  35. Nature's Tapestry I
  36. Enchanting Wings I
  37. Miss Butterfly Cloanthus - X-Ray Right White Edition
  38. Golden Collection - Butterfly III
  39. Purple Spotted Swallowtail Butterfly (Graphium weiskei) on flowers
  40. Dragonfly I
  41. Winged Emergence
  42. Close-up detail wing pattern of tropical butterfly
  43. Aurora Dragonfly
  44. A greenbottle blue tarantula, at the Lincoln Children's Zoo
  45. White Butterfly
  46. Entomology Series IV
  47. Luna moth on crabapple tree
  48. Miss Butterfly Graphium - Blue