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  1. Butterflies Script VI
  2. Black swallowtail butterfly flying towards lavender.
  3. Unearth II
  4. Serene Dragonfly I
  5. Butterfly Swatches II
  6. Yellow-Faced Bee
  7. Vintage Butterflies I
  8. Marbled white butterfly, feeding on Greater knapweed flower, Wiltshire, England
  9. A dragonfly collected from Mount Gorongosa
  10. Graphic Butterfly Taxonomy II
  11. Bee Joyful
  12. Ground Beetle (Carabidae)
  13. Happy Gypsy VII
  14. Falling From I
  15. A monarch butterfly, Danaus plexxipus, visiting butterfly bush flowers, Buddleia davidii.; Belmont, Massachusetts.
  16. Winged Emergence
  17. Winged Infograph I
  18. Soar
  19. Flutterfly I
  20. Art Atelier No.IV
  21. Two hover flies on a white wildflower
  22. Vintage Butterfly I
  23. Astronaut
  24. Autumn Fairy Tale
  25. Blue Butterfly
  26. Summer Butterflies I
  27. As fall nips the air
  28. Autumn Sunflowers I
  29. Monarch Butterfly at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.
  30. Miss Butterfly X-Ray Pano Ii
  31. Bones I
  32. Natural Abstraction II
  33. Closeup Of Praying Mantis
  34. Butterfly Varietal II
  35. Lightning Bugs
  36. Lime Turquoise Beetle Collection Beetle 2
  37. Joyful Bumble
  38. Delicate Butterfly
  39. Butterfly On Yellow Flowers
  40. Butterfly Studies I
  41. A Monarch Butterfly From The Sierra Chincua Mountain Range, Mexico
  42. Light Monarch I
  43. Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus), Milkweed Butterfly
  44. Poetic Dragonfly I
  45. Springtime
  46. Pursue Sweetness II
  47. Spider (Araneus sp) silhouetted in its web, native to Europe
  48. Miss Butterfly Agenor - X-Ray Left Black Edition