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  1. The Common Seal
  2. The Women Invade The Assembly, 5th October 1789
  3. Boycotted Butter In the Cork Market, 1885
  4. Weasels
  5. The Two Chestnuts, 19th Century
  6. Hero or Villain?: The Iron Invader
  7. Scene On The Giant's Causeway, County Antrim, Ireland
  8. Treason: The Man Within
  9. Nancy, Viscountess Astor
  10. The Mercenaries: The Green Brigade
  11. So That's Why... the Dutch Royal Family Have a French Name
  12. Orleans, France
  13. Feeding the Pigeons Of St. Mark's, Venice, c1883
  14. The Story of South America: Gold and the Devil
  15. Brown-headed Nuthatch
  16. A large turkey scares a black cat
  17. Sea Slugs
  18. Fleet Bridge London In The 17th Century
  19. Rough Ranger, c1846
  20. Hotel De Ville, Louvain, Belgium, Built 1448
  21. Insula
  22. Hedgehog, Domestic Animals, from de Buffon
  23. The Porcelain Tower At Nankin In China
  24. Engraving Depicting The Interior Of The Royal Observatory, Greenwich, Dated 19th Century
  25. Great Crested Flycatcher
  26. The Grimme and the Bushbuck, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  27. he San Pedro River In Arizona, 1864
  28. Illustration By Sir John Gilbert For Coriolanus By William Shakespeare
  29. Gray Fox
  30. Serenos Or Nightwatchmen
  31. Giant Pandas
  32. The Shooting Pony, Useful Hints To Sportsmen, 1884
  33. The Porcupine, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  34. Reception Of President Washington At New York, USA, April 23rd, 1879
  35. Election Of King Wamba, King Of The Visigoths
  36. The Merchant Of Venice, Act II, Scene V, Before Shylock's House
  37. Elder-Tree Mother
  38. North American water vole, and Drummond vole
  39. The Marmot and the Opossum, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  40. Woman's Hat, 1883
  41. Grand Durbar At Cawnpore After The Suppression Of The Sepoy Revolt
  42. The Bronze Age
  43. Mighty Monarchs: The Tormented Tyrant
  44. Sardis, Turkey
  45. Ants
  46. Father William Balancing An Eel On His Nose
  47. The Swiss Family Robinson, By J. Wyss
  48. Dieppe, France In The 18th Century