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  1. Governor Bligh of New South Wales arresting John Macarthur
  2. Soldiers firing a cannon
  3. Mustelidae Family, 1841
  4. Waterloo, Walloon Brabant, Belgium In The 19th Century. 1841
  5. General Prim, Juan Prim Y Prats, Commander Of The Spanish Expedition, 1861
  6. Illustration Depicting Bathers At The Seaside, Dated 19th Century
  7. Warwick, 2 Miles West Of Leamington, England
  8. Eastern heather vole
  9. The Male Babirusa, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  10. Northern pocket gopher, formerly known as the mole-shaped pouched rat
  11. El Cid
  12. Pontoon Bridge, Lough Conn, Ireland
  13. Taiga, or yellow-cheeked, vole
  14. Sir Thomas More, 1478 To 1535, In Prison
  15. Antwerp, From The Tete De Flandre
  16. Arctic Fox
  17. The Fawn Vulture
  18. Distribution Of Food To the People In Strasbourg, France, 1744
  19. Natural Bridges Near Kilkee, County Clare, Ireland
  20. Napoleon
  21. A Friendly Tournament During The Third Crusade, 1189
  22. The Pig, Domestic Animals, from de Buffon
  23. Seven Churches Of Clonmacnoise, Ireland
  24. Engraving Depicting A Milkmaid In Normandy, Dated 19th Century
  25. Everyday Clothes Of Ordinary English People At The Time Of King Charles I
  26. Caveman whittling a bone
  27. Head And Shoulders Of The Male Human Body 1837
  28. Hudsonian Godwit
  29. The Rows, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, 1898
  30. Southern short-tailed, or Carolina, shrew
  31. Dartmouth, Devon, England In The Late 19th Century, From Our Own Country Published 1898
  32. Maharao Pragmalji Ii, 1839 To 1875, Rao Of Princely State Of Cutch, India
  33. The Hyena, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  34. A Large Group Picnic In England, 1871
  35. Marc and Isambard Brunel
  36. Crimean War
  37. Jackdaw
  38. Augustinian Abbey, Adare, Ireland
  39. British Officers Playing Polo On Woolwich Common, London, 1872
  40. Stupendous Triumph Of the Hairdresser's Art, c1865
  41. McCormick's Reaper, 1834
  42. White-footed Mouse
  43. Three-Toed Sloth
  44. The Great Lavra Of St, Sabbas The Sanctified, Circa 1880
  45. King Arthur and Knights
  46. Yak
  47. Lobster Fishing, 1868
  48. A Caravan, Africa In The Late 19th Century