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  1. Kangaroo
  2. Clew Bay From West Port, County Mayo, Ireland
  3. Scotland, Fingal's Cave, c1875
  4. The Quagga, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  5. Antoine Lavoisier, French chemist
  6. Louis Pasteur
  7. Henri IV with his cousin Henry II, and young Marguerite de Valois
  8. Audubon: Frigatebird
  9. Dice Maker
  10. Wild Boar
  11. Scene From Sugarloaf Mountain, Bantry Bay, Ireland
  12. Historical engraving of a lemming
  13. Kenilworth Castle, 5 Miles North East Of Leamington, Warwickshire, England
  14. Fifteenth Century Cannon
  15. Taiga, or yellow-cheeked, vole
  16. Gulliver's Travels, Gulliver's Boat with Brobdingnagians
  17. The Park And City Hall, New York, USA
  18. Excavations At Uriconium, Shropshire, England
  19. Upper Lake, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. C.1841
  20. Plaiskin Cliff Near The Giant's Causeway, County Antrim, Ireland
  21. Breeds Of Sheep, 1841
  22. Horse, Muscle Structure
  23. India, Mail Carrier, 1867
  24. Hay Wagon, 1873
  25. St. George's Hall, Gibraltar, Gun Emplacements
  26. The Antelope and the Tzeira Gazelle 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  27. Arctic ground squirrel, or Parry's marmot squirrel
  28. The Weasel, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  29. Gibraltar, View From The Mediterranean Shore
  30. Crowds In Hong Kong On their Way To A Horse Racing Event In 1858
  31. Innisfallen, Lake Of Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
  32. Sea Slugs
  33. An Equestrienne Performer At Astley's Royal Amphitheatre, 1845
  34. Southern short-tailed, or Carolina, shrew
  35. Joseph Gay-Lussac, French chemist
  36. As You Like It, Act IV, Scene III, The Forest
  37. Graceful Birds IV
  38. The Wolverine (Gull, or Glutton) 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  39. Houses Of Parliament, London, England
  40. France, Isle Of Barbe, 1850
  41. Field Mice
  42. The Naval Brigade At Sebastopol
  43. Plummed Partridge
  44. Yellow-Bellied Woodpecker
  45. Californian Partridge
  46. German Sportsman
  47. Short-tailed weasel, also known as an ermine or stoat
  48. Lobster Fishing, 1868