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  1. Eider Duck
  2. Ezra I, 7 To 11, Cyrus Restoring The Vessels Of The Temple
  3. Eagle Mountain, Killeries, Connemara, Ireland
  4. Don Quixote Fighting The Herd Of Sheep, Mistaking Them For Two Armies, 1905
  5. The Baptism Of Ethelbert King Of Kent by St. Augustine At Canterbury In 597
  6. Glengariff, County Cork, Ireland
  7. Crusaders En Route For The Holy Land
  8. Chimaera
  9. Cloudscape, c1900
  10. Audubon: Plover, 1827-38
  11. Panthera Uncia 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  12. King Francis I of France Surrenders his Sword to Spain at Pavia, 1525
  13. Two Types of Manatees, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  14. Moths
  15. Crowning of Henry VII
  16. Moray Eel
  17. Empress Frederick Victoria Daughter Of Queen Victoria
  18. Mexico, Jalapa, c1847
  19. The Peak Of Naiguata, In Venezuela, 1872
  20. Swords through the Ages, Swords of France, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  21. Pope Innocent III And Saint Francis Of Assisi
  22. Malaga, Spain, Port, Quay And Cathedral
  23. Fishing For Cod On the Grand Banks Off the Coast Of Newfoundland, 1891
  24. John Bunyan's Cottage In Elstow, Bedfordshire, England
  25. Auks
  26. Biblical Scene
  27. Essex Boar And Sow, 19th Century
  28. The Red-Legged Partridge
  29. Descubes Botanical Grass IV
  30. Amen Goes Forth From His Temple By Constance N Baikie C.1920
  31. Least weasel
  32. Assault on Carthage
  33. Gibraltar From The Anchorage In Front Of The Old Mole
  34. Watermill, by Jacob Van Ruisdael, 1657-59
  35. North American brown lemming
  36. Swords of France, Death of Roland at Roncevaux in 778, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  37. Illustration for 'The Rape of the Lock' by Alexander Pope
  38. Surcouf attacks English ship 'Queen Mary with his ship 'Coquette'
  39. The Interior Of An Italian Kitchen, 1549
  40. Thread-Finned Trevally
  41. The Race On the Hill-Side, 1858
  42. Cattle, 19th Century
  43. Bacharach, Aka Bacharach Am Rhein, Germany In The 19th Century
  44. The Canterbury Pilgrims Leave Canterbury
  45. Tawny Owl, 1877
  46. Sancho Panza becomes Governor of the City of Barataria, Story of Don Quixote
  47. Okapis of the Congo
  48. Feofan Prokopovich, 1681 To 1736, Russian Archbishop And Statesman