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  1. Louis Mandrin, French smuggler, Tax Evader, and Highwayman, of 18th Century
  2. In the Days of the Dinosaurs: Battle of the Giants
  3. Fairy Tale Illustration, Prince and Princess
  4. Courtiers
  5. Palace And Mausoleum Of Theodoric At Ravenna, Italy
  6. A Performance In The Th
  7. British Butterflies IV
  8. White-winged Scoter
  9. Castle Of Pau, Spain
  10. A Tank Offensive At Cambrai, France
  11. Floral Memory I
  12. Luggela, County Wicklow, Ireland
  13. Illustration By Sir John Gilbert For Coriolanus By William Shakespeare
  14. Frill-necked lizard, 19th century
  15. Thumbelisa
  16. Head Of The Mummy Of Menmaatre Seti I, Also Called Sethos I, C,1294 BC To 1279 BC
  17. Pied Working Duck
  18. Silver-Backed Jackel and cubs
  19. The Merchant Of Venice, Act III, Scene III, Venice A Street
  20. The First And Second Pyramid Of Gizah, Ancient Memphis, And Head Of The Colossal Sphinx
  21. Tufty the road safety squirrel
  22. The Taming Of The Shrew. Act III. Scene II. Padua Before Baptista's House
  23. Gypsy Caves, Sacro Monte, Granada, Spain
  24. A Scene In The Members Lobby, Palace Of Westminster, London. 1904
  25. Chameleon
  26. American Bittern
  27. Antique Amaryllis V
  28. The Mausoleum Of Augustus, Rome, Italy
  29. Edinburgh From St. Anthony's Chapel
  30. Brown, or Common, Noddy
  31. Title Page From The Grammar Of Ornament 1865
  32. Wilson's Plover
  33. A Breech Loading Harquebus, With Moveable Chamber, Dating From 1537
  34. An Anteater In the Paris Zoo
  35. Man Wearing Clothes Representing Three Orders-Clergy, Nobility And Worker
  36. London From The Tower Of Saint Saviours
  37. Birds of Paradise
  38. Baker Symbol
  39. Pigeon, from The Farnley Book of Birds, c.1816
  40. Hood's Sarsaparilla Trade Card, c1880
  41. Admiral Anson's voyage around the world in 1740
  42. Honeysuckle, 1613
  43. Reynard the Fox
  44. Bartram Sandpiper
  45. Golden-mantled, or Say's, ground squirrel
  46. Fairy Tale Illustration, Sleeping Princess
  47. Wilson's Storm Petrel
  48. City Of Milwaukee