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  1. Typewriter
  2. Delicate Tropicals II
  3. Title Page For 'A Winter's Tale' By William Shakespeare, Illustrated By Sir John Gilbert
  4. The Golden Gate San Francisco, California In 1870s
  5. Ichthyology - Osseous Fishes and Marisipobranchs
  6. Antique Tropical Fish I
  7. British Butterflies IV
  8. Willet
  9. Swords of France, Grenadier Guards Charging, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  10. Town Hall, The Hague, The Netherlands In The 19th Century
  11. Civil War era print of President Abraham Lincoln wearing an overcoat
  12. Jackson's Chameleon
  13. The First Preaching Of Christianity In Britain
  14. Victoria's First Council, Kensington Palace, 21 June 1837
  15. They Sailed the Seven Seas: Great Steamers, White and Gold (The Royal Mail Line)
  16. The Benedictine Abbey Of Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France 1904
  17. Principal Front Of The Capitol Building, Washington, From A 19th Century Print
  18. After A Work By Gustave Dore From The Book The Toilers Of The Sea By Victor Hugo, 1885
  19. Albany, New York, USA In The 19th Century
  20. Self portrait while drawing, 1648
  21. Otto von Bismarck with Adolphe Thiers and Jules Faure
  22. Newfoundland Dog, 1855
  23. Embarking for the Klondike gold rush
  24. Extinct dodo
  25. Pope Innocent III And Saint Francis Of Assisi
  26. Napoleon's Triumphal Entry Into Milan, June 2, 1800
  27. After The Original Drawing By Gustave Dore For The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, 1885
  28. Antique Bird Egg Study IV
  29. From Life And Reminiscences Of Gustave Dore, 1885
  30. King Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu entering La Rochelle after its Surrender
  31. Thothmes III Leading His Army Through The Pass Of Aaruna C.1920
  32. The Sea Lion
  33. Alice Grows Too Tall For The Room
  34. Cherbourg, 1931
  35. Murat Recovers the Sword of Francis I of France Surrended at Pavia 1525
  36. Steller's Eider
  37. The Sun Gods Voyage Through The Underworld C.1920
  38. Front Of The Male Human Body Showing Muscles Sinews And Bones 1837
  39. Cross fox, a type of American red fox
  40. Troops Of the Burmese Army Under King Thibaw Min, 1885
  41. British Butcher in Roman Times
  42. Spanish Army, 1st Regiment Dragoon and Lancer of the Mancha, By Louis Bombled
  43. Chipmunk
  44. Thomas Walter Hayward, 1871
  45. Roserk Abbey, County Mayo, Ireland
  46. Eloquent Leaves II
  47. Arithmetic Lesson From An American Pictorial Primer, 19th Century
  48. Marbled Murrelet