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  1. Washington From Arlington Heights
  2. Scroll Botanical Apricot
  3. Princess Marigold and the Magic Spell
  4. Goldsmith
  5. Lewis' marmot
  6. Hargreave's Spinning Jenny
  7. Bridge, Gateway And Cathedral Of Burgos, Spain
  8. The Globe Theatre, Southwark, London, In The 17th Century
  9. Knorr Shells II
  10. Knorr Shells VI
  11. Sunday Afternoon, c1850
  12. Holly, Christmas Rose, Snowdrop and Winter Jasmine
  13. Admiral Nelson Receiving The Spanish Admiral's Sword On Board The San Josef
  14. Blue-Headed Pigeon
  15. Black Or Surf Duck
  16. Monstrosities of 1819 and 1820, by George Cruikshank, George Humphrey, 1819
  17. Phrenological Illustration Showing The Psychological Relations Of The Brain
  18. Artist In the Countryside, 1869
  19. Mexican Cowboy, c1845
  20. Charles III: The King Who History Forgot
  21. Gypsy Caves, Sacro Monte, Granada, Spain
  22. Eagle, 19th Century
  23. Imaginary Squadron Of German Bomb Dropping Air-Ships, By Norman Wilkinson
  24. Off With Her Head
  25. Eloquent Leaves II
  26. The Giraffe, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  27. Cherbourg, 1931
  28. Treasures of the Earth I
  29. Audubon: Warbler
  30. Alice Grows Too Tall For The Room
  31. Daniel Interpreting The Writing On The Wall
  32. Caricature of Soren Aabye Kierkegaard
  33. Parisian Ceiling Design
  34. The Merchant Of Venice, Act III, Scene III, Venice A Street
  35. Illustration Depicting Schoolboys Playing Cricket At Harrow School, Dated 19th Century
  36. A Hindu Widow Committing Sati, 19th Century Engraving
  37. Antiquarian Stork
  38. The Battle of Fontenoy, May 11, 1745, By Jacques de Breville, JOB
  39. Different forms of snow and hailstones, 1890
  40. Rough-legged Hawk
  41. Advertisement For Barnum's Circus, 1876
  42. Mastiff and Herding Dog, Domestic Animals, from de Buffon
  43. Wild Man of the Mountain
  44. Pectoral Sandpiper
  45. Sepia Crabs II
  46. The Striped Ground Squirrel and Coquallin Squirrel, 'Quadrupeds', from de Buffon
  47. Shaggy Giant Kills Knights at King Louis XI's Tournament
  48. Scroll Botanical Camellia