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  1. Lesser Yellowlegs
  2. Bacchanal
  3. Fox
  4. Butterfly Botanical II
  5. Head Of A Merino Ram, 19th Century
  6. Illustration From Grimm's Fairy Tale, Fitcher's Bird
  7. The Blue Egyptian Water Lily
  8. Sprinkler Pin Up Girl
  9. Hairy Woodpecker
  10. Meyer Shorebirds IV
  11. Palace Of Diocletian, 3rd Century, Split, Croatia
  12. Bare-Knuckle Boxing In The 19th Century, From The Strand Magazine, 1896
  13. The Walrus And The Carpenter.
  14. A Winter Morning
  15. Charles Dickens, 1812 - 1870. English Novelist. Hand Writing Sample
  16. Spotted Sandpiper
  17. Meyer Shorebirds III
  18. Pin-Tailed Duck
  19. Diabolus's Drummer Before The Walls Of Mansoul. From The Book The Holy War
  20. Aerial Duel On The Western Front
  21. Meyer Shorebirds VI
  22. Western brush rabbit, formerly known as Bachman's hare
  23. Battle of Waterloo, June 18, 1815, 3rd Grenadier of Guard commanded by Cambronne
  24. A Mallard Duck, By Henri de La Blanchere, 19th Century color engraving
  25. Whip-Poor Will
  26. Tree Fan VI
  27. Marsh Tern
  28. Great diving beetle, artwork
  29. Vintage French Birds VI
  30. Hummingbird Delight XII
  31. Frontispiece From The Book Baby's Own Aesop By Walter Crane Published C.1920
  32. Shooting, plate 4, engraved by William Woollett (1735-85) 1771
  33. Northern, or snowshoe, hare in winter fur
  34. Mr. Micawber From The Painting By Frank Reynolds From The Book The Year 1912
  35. Vintage Beauty 6
  36. Masonic Seal Engraving From The Book The History Of Freemasonry Volume III
  37. Pelican
  38. Audubon: Woodchuck
  39. Great Tern
  40. Exodus II, 1 To 4,The Child Moses On The Nile
  41. Audubon: Warbler
  42. Illustration Depicting A Woman Dressed For A Game Of Tennis, Dated 19th Century
  43. A large Christmas Card, 1895
  44. The Battle of Nicaea in 1097, from 'Bibliotheque des Croisades'
  45. Arctic Yager
  46. Antique Foliage and Fruit II
  47. Vitruvius Britannicus IV, Colen Campbell
  48. The Skeleton of a Fowl