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  1. Video telephone conversation
  2. Actress Norma Shearer inspects a sound proof camera
  3. Stator of motor for computer cooling fan
  4. Television studio engineer gets several views of the image
  5. Early electric lamps
  6. Fountain Pen
  7. Microprocessor chips
  8. Mechanism with steam
  9. Diamond-tipped drill, 19th century
  10. Fiber optic cables
  11. Early radiography experiment
  12. Lamps connected in parallel
  13. A vial of liquid being analyzed for chemical content displayed on the monitor
  14. MEMS production, quality control
  15. Woman interacting with multiple touch screens
  16. Fiber optic cables
  17. Grey Telephone
  18. 19th Century internal combustion engine
  19. Antique clock
  20. Blue Telephone,
  21. Early video phone system, 1930
  22. Future electronics
  23. Early electric train
  24. Perpetual motion machine, 19th century
  25. Computer hard disc
  26. NASA, Houston, Texas
  27. Great Inventions Educational Poster
  28. 50 Kilowatt Broadcasting Modulator
  29. Electronic components
  30. Grain Mills
  31. Tape-punching equipment for the automatic message accounting system
  32. Bellis and Morcom steam engine
  33. Printing Press at Le Petit Journal, created by H, Marinoni, 1860s
  34. Man and Machine
  35. National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, West Virginia
  36. Pumping engines, 19th century
  37. Solar panels
  38. ITER fusion research reactor
  39. Setting knobs on a DJ mixer for adjusting the sound output.
  40. Armillary sphere, 18th Century artwork
  41. Colliding beam fusion reactor
  42. Aerospace technician working on the engine
  43. Neutrino detector
  44. Generator and Fan Belt in a Car Engine
  45. The End is Near
  46. Light bulb, historical artwork
  47. Watch gears, SEM
  48. Digital blood pressure monitor