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  1. A Keel-Billed Toucan At The Toucan Rescue Ranch In Costa Rica
  2. An ashy faced owl, Tyto glaucops, at Parque Zoologico Nacional
  3. White fronted Amazon, Amazona albifrons nana, from a private collection
  4. A federally endangered Margay, at the Cincinnati Zoo
  5. A Wilsonis Bird-Of-Paradise, Heilbronn, Germany
  6. Portrait Of A Red-Eyed Tree Frog At The Sunset Zoo, Manhattan, Kansas
  7. Close View Of The Face A Gorilla (Gorilla Gorilla), Florida, United States Of America
  8. A ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta, at the Lincoln Children's Zoo
  9. A young female snowy owl, Bubo scandiacus, at Raptor Recovery Nebraska
  10. A pygmy goat, at the Lincoln Children's Zoo
  11. A black rhino, Diceros bicornis, at Zoo Atlanta
  12. A federally threatened grizzly bear, Ursus arctos horribilis
  13. A federally endangered Southern Brazilian ocelot at the Cincinnati Zoo
  14. Twin giant panda cubs, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, at Zoo Atlanta
  15. An Eastern White-Bearded Wildebeest At Emirates Park Zoo
  16. A Illiger's Saddle-Back Tamarin
  17. Greater blue eared starling, Lamprotornis chalybaeus, from a private collection
  18. A common fruit piercing moth at Angkor Center for Conservation of Biodiversity
  19. Male red turtle dove, Streptopelia tranquebarica humilis, from a private collection
  20. A vulnerable gray bamboo lemur, Hapalemur griseus griseus, at the Cincinnati Zoo
  21. A Yellow-Bellied Marmot At Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society
  22. Visayan Leopard Cat, Prionailurus Bengalensis Rabori, At The Avilon Zoo
  23. An Arabian Caracal, Al Wathba Breeding Center In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  24. Amur Tiger At The Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure, Salina, Kansas
  25. A male graceful chameleon, Chamaeleo gracilis, at Western Kentucky University
  26. White woodpecker, Melanerpes candidus, from a private collection
  27. Chinese oriole, Oriolus chinensis maculatus, at Penang Bird Park
  28. Hildebrandt's starling, Lamprotornis hildebrandti, from a private collection
  29. A federally endangered female pygmy rabbit, Brachylagus idahoensis
  30. Shovelnose ray, Glaucostegus typus, at Shark Reef Aquarium
  31. Scarab Beetle, Smaragdesthes Africana Oertzeni, At The Budapest Zoo
  32. Red Wolf At The Great Plains Zoo
  33. A Boxing Crab At The National Aquarium In Abu Dhabi
  34. Broad snouted caiman at the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park
  35. A volcan darwin tortoise, at the Lincoln Children's Zoo
  36. Southern grasshopper mouse or scorpion mouse at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center
  37. A Reunion Island day gecko, at the Omaha Zoo
  38. Smooth fronted caiman at the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park
  39. A collection of eggs from a museum
  40. A giant anteater, Myrmecophaga tridactyla, with her pup
  41. A studio portrait of a husky mix puppy
  42. Two Koala Joeys Cling To Each Other, Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Queensland
  43. A Southern Three-Banded Armadillo At The Lincoln Children's Zoo
  44. Cownose Ray, Rhinoptera Bonasus, At Phoenix Zoo In Phoenix, Arizona
  45. Eupsittula aurea aurea, from a private collection
  46. A peach fronted parakeet, Eupsittula aurea, from a private collection
  47. A bobcat, at the Miller Park Zoo
  48. Green broadbill, Calyptomena viridis, from a private collection