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  1. Fischer's chameleon, at the Omaha Zoo
  2. Peacock Cichlid Or Peacock Bass At The Children's Aquarium At Fair Park
  3. Mount Rushmore National Memorial In Keystone, South Dakota
  4. A Pyrenean Desman, Galemys Pyrenaicus, From The Wild In Portugal
  5. Midwestern States, Nebraska
  6. American goldfinches feed on thistle seed from a garden feeder
  7. A male painted bunting, Passerina ciris, near Christoval, Texas
  8. A bobcat, at the Miller Park Zoo
  9. A Black-And-White Owl At The Toucan Rescue Ranch In Costa Rica
  10. Bigmouth Sculpin, Hemitripterus Bolini, At The Alaska Sealife Center
  11. A red lionfish, Pterois volitans, at Pure Aquariums
  12. Two Nene geese, Branta sandvicensis, at Great Plains Zoo, leaning forward
  13. Indian crested porcupine, at the Omaha Zoo
  14. A Colombian green jay or Inca jay, Cyanocorax yncas, at Parque Jaime Duque
  15. A critically endangered, six-week-old, female, baby gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo
  16. Shovelnose ray, Glaucostegus typus, at Shark Reef Aquarium
  17. Southern Bioko Island, Equatorial New Guinea
  18. A Male Luzon Rufous Hornbill At The Avilon Zoo
  19. Plain Sculpin, Myoxocephalus Jaok, At The Alaska Sealife Center
  20. A Peruvian Black-Capped Squirrel Monkey
  21. An Albino Porcupine Named Halsey At The Nebraska Wildlife Rehab In Louisville, NE
  22. A Female African Elephant At The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  23. Alexander Archipelago, Alaska
  24. A Blythis Tragopan At The San Diego Zoo
  25. A Vulnerable Siamese Fighting Fish Or Betta In Lincoln, Nebraska
  26. Six Tennessee Dace In Breeding Colors At Conservation Fisheries, Knoxville, TN
  27. A California Condor At The Phoenix Zoo
  28. Majorcan or Mallorcan midwife toad carrying eggs on back legs at the London Zoo
  29. A secretary bird, Sagittarius serpentarius, at the Toronto Zoo
  30. A Saint Vincent parrot, Amazona guildingii, at the Houston Zoo
  31. Southern boobook, Ninox boobook, at the Plzen Zoo
  32. A superb bird-of-paradise, Lophorina superba
  33. A Southern Sea Otter, Enhydra Lutris Nereis, At The Aquarium Of The Pacific
  34. Close-Up Portrait Of A King Vulture At The Sedgwick County Zoo, Wichita, Kansas
  35. Portrait Of A Gray Wolf In A Snowfall With Snowflakes On Its Fur, Ely, Minnesota
  36. Soybeans In A Field In Nebraska
  37. Common Worker Bumblebee, Bombus Griseocollis, At Cedar Point Biological Station
  38. A great blue turaco, Corythaeola cristata, at the Houston Zoo
  39. A rare male Alabama beach mouse, Peromyscus polionotus ammobates
  40. A pygmy marmoset, Cebuella pygmaea, at the Lincoln Children's Zoo
  41. A Black-Capped Vireo, Vireo Atricapillus
  42. Yucatan Banded Gecko, Coleonyx Elegans, At The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
  43. Red headed bunting, Emberiza bruniceps, at the Plzen Zoo
  44. A pair of ring-tailed lemurs, Lemur catta, at the Lincoln Children's Zoo
  45. Little Blue Heron, Florida Caerulea, At The National Aviary Of Colombia
  46. A Keel-Billed Toucan At The Toucan Rescue Ranch In Costa Rica
  47. A lab mix
  48. Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida