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  1. A pair of Vulturine guineafowl, Acryllium vulturinum, at Lincoln Children's Zoo
  2. Catnip flowers
  3. A coastal carpet python, at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo
  4. A gentoo penguin, at the Indianapolis Zoo
  5. An Indonesian wandering whistling duck, at the Palm Beach Zoo
  6. A gray bamboo lemur, at the Duke Lemur Center
  7. A red eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) at the Sunset Zoo
  8. A close up of the wing of a federally endangered Cape Sable seaside sparrow
  9. A great hornbill, Buceros bicornis, at the Houston Zoo
  10. Fischer's chameleon, at the Omaha Zoo
  11. A rose crown fruit dove, at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo
  12. A federally threatened koala with her offspring, one of which is adopted
  13. A lamb's ear plant, Stachys byzantina
  14. Snow capped mountains in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  15. A common raven, Corvus corax corax, at Lisbon Zoo in Portugal
  16. Mary Thaxton Memorial Preserve, Oscar Scherer State Park, Osprey, Florida
  17. A brown goshawk, Accipiter fasciatus, at Healesville Sanctuary
  18. A federally endangered desert bighorn ewe at The Living Desert in Palm Desert
  19. Male red turtle dove, Streptopelia tranquebarica humilis, from a private collection
  20. Three, ten week old fennec fox kits, Vulpes zerda, at the Saint Louis Zoo
  21. Cownose Ray, Rhinoptera Bonasus, At Phoenix Zoo In Phoenix, Arizona
  22. Sonoran Tiger Salamander At The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
  23. A Grant's zebra at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado
  24. A giant flemish rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus flemish, at the Fort Worth Zoo
  25. Aubry's flapshell turtle
  26. Endangered African wild dogs, Lycaon pictus
  27. A close up of a common dewberry
  28. An endangered red-browed Amazon parrot
  29. Lincoln, Nebraska
  30. Guenther's Leaf Tail Gecko, Uroplatus Guentheri, From A Private Collection
  31. A critically endangered, yearling radiated tortoise at the Turtle Conservancy
  32. A male African lion, Panthera leo, naps in the sun
  33. A vermillion sea star, at the Indianapolis Zoo
  34. Bluethroat, Erithacus svecica cyanicula, at the Plzen Zoo
  35. A federally threatened polar bear, Ursus maritimus
  36. Centralian python, at the Omaha Zoo
  37. World Bird Sanctuary, Saint Louis, Missouri
  38. A black-necked stilt, at the Miller Park Zoo
  39. Verreaux's eagle owl, Bubo lacteus, at Zoo Atlanta
  40. Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico
  41. A blue-crowned motmot, at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
  42. A rare Limon harlequin frog
  43. A black-crowned night heron, at The Living Desert in Palm Desert
  44. A cowboy leads a string of pack animals
  45. The foot of an endangered rough-snouted giant gecko, at the Palm Beach Zoo
  46. A tricolored heron, at the Cincinnati Zoo
  47. A studio portrait of a corgi dog named Rusty
  48. A lamb's ear plant, Stachys byzantina