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  1. Gray wolf at the International Wolf Center, Ely, Minnesota
  2. A mountain goat descends a sheer rock wall to lick exposed salt
  3. A tawny frogmouth owl, Podargus strigoides, at the Fort Worth Zoo
  4. A bison, on a ranch near Valentine, Nebraska
  5. A snowy egret, at the Lincoln Children's Zoo
  6. A common raven, Corvus corax principalis, at the Los Angeles Zoo
  7. A non-irrigated field of corn near Bennet, Nebraska
  8. Wildflowers on coastal prairie, Eagle Lake, Texas
  9. Portrait of a young pig in a snow dusted animal pen
  10. Composite of 110 different species of ducks and geese
  11. A butte often painted by Georgia OKeeffe on her Ghost Ranch
  12. Monarch butterflies, Danaus plexippus, in the Sierra Chincua mountains
  13. Boston night aerial with time exposure car lights on Central Artery
  14. A silhouette of a herd of bison
  15. An oil rig silhouetted at sunset
  16. Brown cockroach, Periplaneta brunnea, at Western Kentucky University
  17. A clouded leopard, Neofelis nebulosa
  18. Leadore, Idaho
  19. A black bear perches on a rock watching for fish in Clayoquot Sound
  20. Close up of an African eagle ow, Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida
  21. A red fox stands alert in short grasses
  22. Monarch butterflies cover every inch of a tree in Sierra Chincua
  23. A red barn on a homestead farm in Nebraska
  24. A monarch butterfly at the Lincoln Children's Zoo
  25. Sandhill cranes silhouetted against a twilight sky, Nebraska
  26. Three wild burros standing in sagebrush
  27. An oil rig pumps oil from the Montana ground
  28. The sun sets on the Nebraska Sandhills
  29. A green parakeet, Psittacara holochlorus strenuus, from a private collection
  30. The eye and face of a veiled chameleon, Chamaeleo calyptratus
  31. Misty view of a gray wolf sitting near a tree, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  32. A silhouette of a herd of bison
  33. White tailed hawk, Geranoaetus albicaudatus, at the National Aviary of Colombia
  34. Lightning fills the night sky near Walton
  35. A three-month-old baby chimpanzee
  36. A country road in Otoe county, Nebraska
  37. A portrait of a bison on a ranch
  38. The paws of a grizzly bear, Ursus arctos horribilis
  39. Wild American bison roam on a game preserve in Kansas
  40. A captive grey wolf, Canis lupus, in the snow
  41. A lesser short-nosed fruit bat, at the Lubee Bat Conservancy
  42. A silhouette of a herd of bison
  43. Platte River, Nebraska
  44. Koi fish at the Taronga Zoo
  45. A roseate spoonbill, Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, Florida
  46. A harpy eagle, Harpia harpyja, at the Los Angeles Zoo
  47. A tokay gecko, the Sunset Zoo, Manhattan, Kansas, United States of America
  48. A federally threatened koala with her offspring, one of which is adopted