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  1. Warty Glow Spot Cockroach, Lucihormetica Verrucosa, At The Budapest Zoo
  2. Budwing Mantis, Parasphendale Affinis, At The Budapest Zoo
  3. A Brown Woolly Monkey, Lagothrix Lagothrica Lagothrica, At Piscilago Zoo
  4. Collared partridge, Arborophila gingica, at the Plzen Zoo
  5. A Leadbeater's possum, Gymnobelideus leadbeateri, at Healesville Sanctuary
  6. Rock bunting, Emberiza cia, at the Plzen Zoo
  7. A South American great horned owl, Bubo virginianus nacurutu, at Parque Jaime Duque
  8. A federally endangered female pygmy rabbit, Brachylagus idahoensis
  9. A male graceful chameleon, Chamaeleo gracilis, at Western Kentucky University
  10. White collared or diadem yuhina, Yuhina diademata, from a private collection
  11. A Korean ring necked pheasant, Phasianus colchicus karpowi, at the Plzen Zoo
  12. Detail shot of a baseball
  13. Collared partridge, Arborophila gingica, at the Plzen Zoo
  14. Buffy laughingthrush, Garrulax berthemyi, at the Plzen Zoo
  15. Golden breasted bunting, Emberiza flaviventris, from a private collection
  16. Gray hypocolius, Hypocolius ampelinus, from a private collection
  17. Channel billed toucan, Ramphastos vitellinus vitellinus, from a private collection
  18. Pearl Island Boa Constrictor, Boa Constrictor Sabogae, At Phoenix Zoo
  19. Sonoyta Mud Turtle At The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
  20. Close-Up Portrait Of A Speckled Caiman In The Pantanal Region Of Brazil
  21. Seminole Bat, Lasiurus Seminolus, At The Austin Bat Refuge
  22. Bornean bearded pig, Sus barbatus barbatus, at Zoo Taiping
  23. Yellow crowned gonolek, Laniarius barbarus, from a private collection
  24. A threatened northern spotted owl, Strix occidentalis caurina
  25. Red winged laughingthrush, Trochalopteron formosum formosum, at the Plzen Zoo
  26. Magpie mannikin or magpie munia, Lonchura fringilloides, from a private collection
  27. Red backed shrike, Lanius collurio, at the Plzen Zoo
  28. A critically endangered grey shanked douc langur at the Endangered Primate Rescue Center
  29. A black headed parrot, Pionites melanocephala, at the Sedgwick County Zoo
  30. Fea's treefrog, Rhacophorus feae, at the London Zoo
  31. A federally threatened koala at a wildlife sanctuary
  32. Purple backed starling, Sturnus sturninus, at the Plzen Zoo
  33. A juvenile prehensile tailed porcupine
  34. A male Indochinese southern terrapin at Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity
  35. A juvenile Togo slippery frog, Conraua derooi, at a private collection
  36. Iberian Viper At University Of Porto Center For Biodiversity And Genetic Resources
  37. Chrome Roach, Gyna Caffrorum, At The Budapest Zoo
  38. A Ferruginous Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium Brasilianum, At The National Aviary Of Colombia
  39. A Blue Phase Jeweled Mudbug At The EW Shell Center In Auburn, Alabama
  40. A Portrait Of A Marbled Cat, Pardofelis Marmorata
  41. A Male Equatorial Saki
  42. Great Indian civet, Viverra zibetha, at Zoo Taiping
  43. A blue glassy tiger butterfly at Angkor Center for Conservation of Biodiversity
  44. Magpie mannikin or magpie munia, Lonchura fringilloides, from a private collection
  45. American flamingos, Phoenicopterus ruber, at the Lincoln Children's Zoo
  46. A pallid swift, Apus pallidus, at Centro Recupero Fauna Selvatica Trento
  47. Lake Oku clawed frog, Xenopus longipes, at the London Zoo
  48. A female green headed sunbird, Cyanomitra verticalis, at a private collection