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  1. Saint Jerome as Scholar
  2. The Card Players, Lucas van Leyden,, c. 1550-99
  3. Landing van Scipio Africanus at Carthage, by Coxie, Michiel, c. 1555
  4. The Crucifixion, from The Passion
  5. The Holy Family with St.Elizabeth, 1580-85
  6. Adrienne Lecouvreur, Mistress of Marshal Saxe, c. 1725, French, oil on canvas
  7. The Musicians' Brawl, by Georges de La Tour, 1625-30
  8. Madonna and Child, Italian Renaissance painting by Andrea Mantegna, 1470-80
  9. Guillaume Bude, French Renaissance Classical Scholar, 1535
  10. St. Peter Resurrecting the Widow Tabitha, 1652
  11. Family Portrait of Pierre de Moucheron
  12. The Age of Gold, Renaissance painting by Luca Signorelli, 1570
  13. Adoration Of The Magi, By Girolamo Mazzola Bedoli, 1547. Parma, Italy
  14. Madonna with Child and Little Saint John, 1934-36
  15. Ascent to Calvary
  16. Two Heads in Profile, c.1500
  17. The Fall Of Man, 1549
  18. Louis XIV and Grand Dauphin riding at Grotto of Thetis, Versailles, c. 1700
  19. Interior of the Marienkirche in Utrecht, 1638
  20. Winter, C1580-1600
  21. Frugoni In Arcadia, By Pietro Melchiorre Ferrari, 1763. Parma, Italy
  22. The Last Supper, 1495-97
  23. Madonna and Child, c.1450 by Sano di Pietro
  24. Entombment of Christ. 1559. By Titian. Prado Museum. Madrid, Spain
  25. Adoration of the Magi, by Andrea Mantegna, c. 1495-1505, Italian painting
  26. The Expulsion Of Hgar And Ishmael, 1666
  27. View of Algiers with De Ruyter's Ship 'De Liefde,' 1662
  28. Virgin and Child with Saint Anne
  29. Carousel Tournament of Amazons, 1662, By Jean Baptiste Martin, French painting
  30. Hyante and Climene at their Toilet, By Toussaint Dubreuil, 16th Century, Louvre Museum
  31. Noli Me Tangere, Christ and Mary Magdalene, painting by Bramantino, c. 1507
  32. Angel Arcabucero, in Military Clothing. 17th c. Parish Church. Calamarca, Bolivia
  33. Female Portrait, profile of young woman, c. 1480
  34. Mercury Ordering Calypso to Release Odysseus
  35. Portrait of an Unknown Woman, by Jan Jansz Mostaert, c. 1525
  36. Julian Romero de las Azanas with St. Julian, 1587-97
  37. Full length portrait of Henri IV of France, c.1600-10 by Frans II Pourbus, Louvre Museum
  38. Madonna with Child, St. John, and St. Francis, 16th c
  39. The Departure Of Marcus Attilius Regulus For Carthage
  40. Pont-Neuf, the Place Dauphine, Quai Malaquais, with College of Four Nations, 1600s
  41. Map of Fort Caroline, Built in Florida in 1564. Grand Voyages. 1591. By Theodor de Bry
  42. Month of February, allegorical tapestry by Benedetto da Milano, c. 1503-08
  43. Polycrates And The Fisherman
  44. St. Victor, By Giovanni Francesco Guerrieri, 1654. Urbino, Italy
  45. The Miracles of St. Clare of Assisi, detail of St. Clare blessing the harvest, 1523-24 (
  46. Moliere, On Bended Knee, with and Comedians acting in 'Georges Dandin', 1667
  47. The Building of the Temple of Jerusalem
  48. Zadquiel, Death Angel Arcabucero, in Military Clothing with Pike. 17th c.