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  1. Beheading of Don Alvaro in the Plaza Mayor of Valladolid on June 3, 1453
  2. Portrait of a Lady in White, by Moretto da Brescia, 1540
  3. The Crucifixion
  4. The Garden of Earthly Delights: Allegory of Luxury, central panel of triptych, c.1500
  5. Disputation Over The Trinity, By Andrea Del Sarto, 1517. Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy
  6. Pentecost, painting by Bramantino, 1525
  7. The Annunciation, by Adriaen van de Velde, 1667, Dutch painting
  8. View of the Pont-Neuf and the River Seine looking downstream, c.1633
  9. Construction of a citadel. Miniature from the Timuri period (15th c.) Persian art
  10. Interior of the Marienkirche in Utrecht, 1638
  11. The Tears of Saint Peter. ca. 1594 - 1604. Mannerism art
  12. Marriage Feast at Cana. Ca. 1560. By Paolo Veronese. Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain
  13. Portrait of the Empress Isabella of Portugal by Tiziano Vecello
  14. Francois I (1494-1547)
  15. The Presentation in the Temple, from the Dome Altar, 1499
  16. The Annunciation
  17. Portrait of Lorenzo de Medici
  18. Full-length Portrait of Marie de Medici, Queen of France, 1610
  19. The Penitent Magdalene, 1657
  20. St. Peter Resurrecting the Widow Tabitha, 1652
  21. Christ Receiving The Children
  22. Saint Margaret. 1562. By Titian. Prado Museum. Madrid, Spain
  23. An Expedition Setting out from Seville for America in 1498
  24. Anne of Austria, Queen of France, with Louis XIV as a Child, c. 1640, French painting
  25. Portrait of a Young Man
  26. The Grand Canal, Venice
  27. Madonna of the Canopy, by Giordano Luca, 1685. With St. Clare and St. Dominic and angles
  28. The Ambassadors
  29. Virgin of the Annunciation, 1400-1405, By Taddeo Di Bartolo, Italian, oil on wood
  30. The Obelisk
  31. A Child Blowing on an Ember, early 1570s
  32. Bison, by an Anonymous artist, 1560-85, Dutch drawing, ink, paper
  33. Saint George and the Dragon, 1432-35, Netherlandish painting
  34. Bacchus discovering Ariadne on Naxos, 1635, By Le Nain Brothers, French, oil on canvas
  35. Garden of the Villa Medici, Rome, Italy, by Sebastien Vrancx, 1615
  36. Month of July allegorical tapestry by Benedetto da Milano, c. 1503-08
  37. Whaling Grounds in the Arctic Ocean, by Abraham Storck, 1660-99
  38. Revelations 14:14 - The Reaper, Vision of Armageddon, from the Luther Bible, c.1530
  39. Philip V's Army Meeting Flanders Troops. Ca. 1315. Grandes Chroniques de France
  40. Guillaume du Bellay Seigneur of Langey, c. 1535, French, Oil on wood
  41. Triumph of Furius Camillus. Renaissance art
  42. White Horse, by Joris Hoefnagel, 1560-99
  43. Madonna With The Veil, Attributed To Sassoferrato, C. 1580-1599. Milan, Italy
  44. Elevation of the Sacred Host. Gospels of Paris of Charles, Duke of Angouleme. 16th c.
  45. The Annunciation To Joachim And Anne, From The Dome Altar, 1499
  46. Portrait of Guidobaldo della Rovere, Duke of Urbino, 1532
  47. Portrait of a Woman, by Anonymous, 1550-74
  48. Ill-Matched Lovers, by Quentin Massys, 1520-25