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  1. Portrait of a Nun, by Carlo Cignani, 17th c
  2. The Agony in the Garden
  3. St. Anthony of Padua
  4. The Divine Eros Defeats The Earthly Eros, C1602
  5. Gallery Of The Stucco, By Giulio Mazzoni, 1548-1560. Palazzo Spada, Rome, Italy
  6. Diane de Poitiers as Diana, c. 1630, By Jacques Callot, French painting
  7. Tarquin and Lucretia, c.1568-76
  8. The Denial Of St Peter, C1620-1625
  9. Triptych of Moses and the Burning Bush, right panel depicting Jeanne de Laval
  10. The Holy Family with the Infant St. John. Ca. 1500-32
  11. Portrait of Francoise-Athenaise Rochechouart de Mortemart (1641-1707) Marquise de Montes
  12. The Holy Family. Ca. 1518. By Raphael. Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain
  13. Virgin And Child With Two Angels
  14. Still Life With Flowers In A Basket, C1780-1790
  15. The Fall of Man, by Cornelis van Haarlem, 1592
  16. Saint Louis And His Page
  17. The Death Of Marat (Detail), 1793
  18. The Avignon Pieta, 1450-60
  19. Portrait of a Young Woman as a Wise Virgin, c. 1510, Italian painting
  20. The Last Supper, 1495-97
  21. Nativity of St, John the Baptist, 14th c, Master of the Nativity of St, John the Baptist
  22. Alexander And The Family Of Darius, C1708-1710
  23. Three Miracles of Saint Zenobius
  24. The Fortune Teller, By Georges De La Tour French, c. 1630s, French, Oil on canvas
  25. The Adoration of the Shepherds
  26. Agnes Sorel as Madonna With Child, By Jean Fouquet, c. 1445, French painting
  27. Procession of the Feast of the Redeemer, Venice, Italy, 17th c
  28. Leaving for the Sabbath, 1506
  29. Rich Children, Poor Parents, Aert Pietersz and Pieter Pietersz, 1599
  30. Fight between Carnival and Lent. 1559. Pieter Bruegel, the Elder
  31. The Battle of Terheide, by Jan Beerstraten, 1653-66
  32. Crucifixion
  33. Cantoria by Luca della Robbia
  34. Juan Diego, 1531
  35. The Place Royale and the Carrousel in 1612
  36. Jesus and the Centurion. Ca.1507-75. By Paolo Veronese. Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain
  37. Christ as the Man of Sorrows with the Virgin and St. John
  38. The Last Supper, 1495-97
  39. Village by a River
  40. The Death of Cleopatra
  41. Virgin Annunciate
  42. Allegory Of Vanity, 1600
  43. Virgin and Child, 1320
  44. King Solomon. Painting in Manuscript of a church of Lake Tana. Amhara, Ethiopia
  45. Luis Vaz de Camoes (1524-1580). Portuguese Renaissance writer and poet
  46. Nemesis, by Albrecht Durer, 1499-1503
  47. The Ghent Altarpiece or Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. Jan van Eyck
  48. Month of October, allegorical tapestry by Benedetto da Milano, c. 1503-08