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  1. Agnus Dei, c.1635-40
  2. Summer, 1573
  3. Autumn, from a series depicting the four seasons
  4. Our Lady of the Rosary, by Carlo Ceresa, 1609-1679. Cremona, Italy
  5. Portrait of a Lady from the Court of Milan, c.1490-95
  6. Virgin and Child with St. Anne, c.1510
  7. Last Supper, By Titian, C. 1542-1544. National Gallery Of The Marche, Italy
  8. Adoration of the baby, c.1620
  9. The Spring by Alessandro di Mariano dei Filipepi
  10. The Flight into Egypt, c.1648-50
  11. Mughal emperor of India (1565-1605) Muhammad Akbar
  12. David
  13. Sisyphus. 1548-49. By Titian. Prado Museum. Madrid, Spain
  14. Immaculate Conception, 1670-1672
  15. Adam and Eve
  16. The Last Supper
  17. The Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge
  18. Madonna and Child
  19. Mona Lisa, c.1503 6
  20. Portrait Of Mary, Queen Of Scots
  21. The Nativity
  22. Venus with a Mirror, by Titian, c. 1555
  23. Vedute di Roma moderna Giclee
  24. The Sistine Madonna By Raphael
  25. Christ, By Fra Angelico
  26. Drawing of Dancing Figures, by Leonardo da Vinci, 1515 -1515. Accademia Art Galleries
  27. Sistine Chapel Ceiling: The Creation of Adam, detail of God the Father, 1508 12
  28. The Eternal Father
  29. Christ Pantocrator. Deesis Mosaic. 13th c. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
  30. Madonna And Child With Angels By Filippo Lippi
  31. View Of The Neapolitan Coast, By Gaspar Van Wittel, 1725. Milan, Italy
  32. Tryptych Of Hay, (Full Open View), C.1500-02, Prado, Madrid, Spain
  33. Nativity, 1667
  34. Drawing of flying machine
  35. Trionfo di Galatea
  36. Virgin Mary, by Carlo Cignani, 17th c
  37. Detail of the Head of the Virgin, from The Virgin of the Rocks
  38. The Four Day's Battle, 1-4 June 1666
  39. Young Woman With A Pearl Necklace By Jan Vermeer
  40. The Lion Hunt, 1621
  41. The Art Of Painting By Jan Vermeer
  42. Portrait Of Cecilia Gallerani (Lady With The Ermine) By Leonardo Da Vinci
  43. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (1508 12): The Separation of the Waters from the Earth, 1511 12 (fresco) (post restoration)
  44. Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene, c.1619 20
  45. The Miracle of the Cross on San Lorenzo Bridge, 1500
  46. Mlle Camargo Dancing
  47. The Birth of Venus
  48. The Fall of Icarus by Jacob Peter Gowy