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  1. A Dessert, previously called Still Life with Silver Tumbler, 1637, By Willem Claesz Heda
  2. Peasant and the Nest Robber, painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1568
  3. Street Scene Placed among Roman Ruins, by Jan Both, 1640-52
  4. Madonna with Child, painting by Bramantino, 1525
  5. Detail From Map Of the World And Account Of Vespucci's Voyage, 1507
  6. The Penitent St. Jerome
  7. The Music Lesson, by Gerard ter Borch, 1668
  8. Guardroom with the Deliverance of Saint Peter
  9. Madonna and Child in a Glory of Seraphim, c. 1475, Italian, Oil on wood
  10. Charles Vth (1500-1558) of Spain
  11. Chronicle of the Council of Constance, By Ulrich von Richental, c. 1400
  12. Idlers
  13. Pygmalion Kneels Before his Statue of Galatea, Renaissance painting by Bronzino, 1529-30
  14. Baptism Of Christ By Andrea Del Verrocchio And Leonardo Da Vinci
  15. Saint John The Baptist Preaching In The Desert. After A Work By Albrecht D
  16. King Louis XIII in Armor, c. 1635, French painting
  17. Crab, by Jan Augustin van der Goes, 1690-1700, Dutch painting, gouache on parchment
  18. The Last Supper, 1495-97
  19. Portrait of a Little Boy, by Jacob Delff, 1581
  20. Mercury Lulling Argus To Sleep, C1770-1775
  21. The Musicians' Brawl, by Georges de La Tour, 1625-30
  22. Coronation of Virgin, with Sts, Anthony and Augustine, Tobias and Angel
  23. Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite Converting the Pagan Philosophers
  24. Massacre Of The Innocents, By Bartolomeo Cesi, C. 1600. Bologna, Italy
  25. Virgin and Child, 1320
  26. Disputation Over The Trinity, By Andrea Del Sarto, 1517. Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy
  27. A Trial At Law Among Animals And Pygmies, Unknown
  28. St. James, Renaissance painting by Andrea del Sarto, 1528-29
  29. Adoration of the Magi. Ca. 1525-80. Flemish
  30. Landscape with the Story of Jephthah's daughter
  31. Portrait of Anna d'Este, Duchess of Guise and Nemours
  32. Anne of Austria, Queen of France, with Louis XIV as a Child, c. 1640, French painting
  33. Winter, C1580-1600
  34. David and Bathsheba, 1562
  35. Venus At The Forge Of Vulcan, 1606-23
  36. Mercury Ordering Calypso to Release Odysseus
  37. Portrait of Pregnant Woman. Ca. 1504-1506. By Raphael. Pitti Palace, Florence, Italy
  38. Nymph of the Fountain, By Lucas Cranach, c. 1537, German, oil on wood
  39. Portrait of Maria Salviati, Renaissance painting by Pontormo, 1543-45
  40. Moses defends the Daughters of Jethro, Renaissance painting by Rosso Fiorentino, 1523-24
  41. Figural Studies for the Adoration of the Magi, c.1481
  42. The Avignon Pieta, 1450-60
  43. Portrait of Antoine de Bourbon, King of Navarre
  44. Miracle of the Relic of the Holy Cross in Campo San Lio, by Giovanni, Mansueti, 1494
  45. The Lamentation. 1591. By Scipione Pulzone (Il Gaetano). Metropolitan Museum, New York
  46. Month of February, allegorical tapestry by Benedetto da Milano, c. 1503-08
  47. Virgin of Mercy, Pietro Di Domenico Da Montepulciano, c. 1418-22
  48. Madonna And Child, Sts. Joseph, Catherine, Agnes, 1570. Brera Gallery