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  1. Head of a Young Woman, by apprentice of Leonardo da Vinci, c. 1508-1510
  2. Thetis Entrusting Achilles To The Centaur Chiron, By Pompeo Batoni, Before 1761.
  3. Hercules And The Muses By Alessandro Allori
  4. Three Graces. Aglaea, Euphrosyne and Thalia. 1504-1505. By Raphael. Conde Museum, France
  5. Madonna Del Cardellino (Madonna Of The Goldfinch) By Raphael
  6. The Avenue at Middelharnis, 1689
  7. Portrait of King Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici, c. 1550, French painting
  8. Crucifixion, by Veronese, 1582. Accademia Art Galleries, Venice, Italy
  9. The Pool of Bethesda, 1645
  10. St. Michael Weighing the Souls, from the Last Judgement, c.1445-50
  11. A Ship on the High Seas Caught by a Squall
  12. The Explosion of the Spanish Flagship during the Battle of Gibraltar
  13. The Holy Trinity
  14. Massacre of the Innocents. 1560's. Pieter Bruegel, the Elder
  15. The Spring
  16. Ruins Of A Triumphal Arch In The Roman Campagna, 1717/1719
  17. Head of Christ, by Correggio, c.1525-30, Italian Renaissance painting
  18. The Baptism Of Christ, C1550-1560
  19. Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Summer, 1573, Louvre Museum
  20. Mary Magdalene Meditating On The Crucifix, By Giambattista Pittoni, C. 1730 - 1735.
  21. Birth Of Venus, Torso Of Venus, By Botticelli, 1484-1485. Uffizi Gallery, Florence. Deta
  22. Apollo and Daphne by Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini
  23. Angelo II - Madonna Sistina
  24. Francisco Hurtado de Mendoza, Admiral of Aragon, by Anonymous artist, 1601
  25. The Battle of Lepanto
  26. Pope Julius II ordering Bramante, Michelangelo and Raphael to construct the Vatican
  27. Moses Burying the Egyptian he Killed Under Sand, By Pierre Patel, c. 1660, Louvre Museum
  28. Peasants Dancing and Feasting
  29. St. Jerome in his Study, by Albrecht Durer, 1511
  30. Landscape with the Healing of the Blind Man, by unknown Flemish artist
  31. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum", by Abraham Ortelius. The city of Venice
  32. Angelo I - Madonna Sistina
  33. Portrait of Lorenzo the Magnificent
  34. Bouquet Of Flowers In An Earthenware Vase
  35. Christ Washing the Disciples' Feet, by Peter Wtewael, 1623
  36. Virgin de las Cuevas
  37. Still Life with a Goblet, 1653
  38. Angel with Arquebus. Master of Calamarca
  39. Christ Receiving The Children
  40. Allegory of Painting
  41. Athene and the Centaur, c.1480
  42. The Duke of Urbino
  43. Madonna and Child
  44. Christ Healing The Blind, By El Greco, C. 1573. National Gallery, Parma, Italy
  45. Musician Angel, Renaissance painting by Rosso Fiorentino, 1521
  46. The Three Graces By Raphael
  47. Musical Group on a Balcony, by Gerrit van Honthorst, 1622
  48. Portrait Of A Young Woman (Lady With A Unicorn), By Raphael, 1505-1506.