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  1. Close-up shot of purple flower
  2. All I Want Is You
  3. Ceriagrion Cerinorubellum
  4. A Eurasian black vulture, at The Living Desert in Palm Desert, California
  5. Two stems of fresh spring green Common reed lying on antique paper
  6. Colorful flowers in water in Mandalay, Burma
  7. New life
  8. Purple crocus, Yukon, Canada
  9. Praying Mantis on Gray-headed Cone Flower
  10. Autumn Road
  11. 8mm
  12. Les Chemins De La Liberte
  13. Dried red leaf of Broad-leaved dock lying on mottled rusty metal sheet
  14. A black-crowned night heron, at The Living Desert in Palm Desert
  15. A lamb's ear plant, Stachys byzantina
  16. Fall Range
  17. The Monster
  18. A frog perches on wapato leaves, Astoria, Oregon, United States of America
  19. Red paint
  20. Fall Foliage
  21. Lady Bug Acrobat
  22. Fischer's chameleon, at the Omaha Zoo
  23. Colors
  24. Tree foliage reflected on flowing water, Bass Harbor, Maine
  25. Small hooded katydids, at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo
  26. Hawaii. Whirlpool
  27. Quiet Lotus
  28. Both More Fun
  29. Wasp Blowing Away A Water Ball
  30. Stag Beetle male, Switzerland
  31. Grass seed heads during short summer period, Greenland
  32. Trees reflect in cascade above Bond Falls, Ontonagon river, Michigan
  33. A morph of the dying poison dart frog, Dendrobates tinctorius
  34. Stand Alone
  35. Peacock Butterfly wing detail showing false eyespots, Switzerland
  36. Sundew showing sticky hairs, Stirling Range National Park, Western Australia
  37. Lotus Lily I
  38. Red-eyed Tree Frog with half closed eyelid, Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica
  39. Feather Design
  40. Aubry's flapshell turtle
  41. Closeup Of Leaf
  42. Menzanita Mosaic II BW
  43. Big
  44. White Crocus Blossoms I
  45. Bark Detail
  46. Ice over stream, Bavarian Forest, Germany
  47. Cactus
  48. Imaginarium