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  1. Resting Place
  2. Oblong-leaved Sundew (Drosera intermedia) with dew Bavaria, Germany
  3. Begonia close-up
  4. Beautiful Purple
  5. Lilac Roses
  6. Hopeful
  7. Wild Swamp Oak
  8. Dreamy Ferns
  9. Long Beach, British Columbia, Canada
  10. Complementary
  11. On The Square
  12. CA, Lancaster, CA Poppies spring bloom
  13. Cyan Eyes
  14. Begonia Petals I
  15. Pink Lily Stamen Detail
  16. Geranium (Pelargonium Capitatum)
  17. Calla Lily Curves II
  18. Ivy on a Wall
  19. Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) pair, highly toxic, grows under pine trees, Europe
  20. Cadmium Orange Agate II
  21. Georgia, Savannah. Close up of hydrangea bloom
  22. Lilac Blossom I
  23. Black Tie Daisy
  24. Oh So Close 2
  25. Dianthus leaf or carnation magnified 400x
  26. Orchids
  27. Close-Up Of A Flower
  28. Purple blossoms, Sharon Valley, Israel
  29. Purple Worlds
  30. Gold and Blue I
  31. Cocooning
  32. Conifer needles emerging, Alaska
  33. Liquid Amber
  34. Stoney
  35. Maine, Harpswell. Tulip buds in a flower garden on a foggy day
  36. Beach Impressions No. 32
  37. Raindrops in small spiderweb, Acadia National Park, Maine
  38. Passion Flower blooms in a garden, Astoria, Oregon
  39. Hippopotamus, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, East Africa
  40. Close up of fern leaves
  41. A Hawaiian orange hibiscus, Hibiscus kokio saintjohnianus
  42. Tamarack trees reflect on newly formed ice on Lost Creek in the Swan Valley, Montana
  43. Sunset during late summer on west coast, Greenland
  44. Sempervivum Succulent IV
  45. Abstract of leather leaf sedge (Carex buchanii) leaves in sunlight.
  46. Dreamlike II
  47. Red Grey Interplay II
  48. Feather and Maples